Men's Activewear

What types of athletic apparel are available for men? What are the features of men's athletic clothing? Are there specific apparel types for different activities?

Men's Athletic Apparel

Getting in shape and staying fit for men is a very common goal. There are many clothing and accessory options that can help men on their journey to fitness. From shirts and jackets to the right shorts, men's apparel for working out provides a variety of different options.Athletic apparel comes in many options to meet your needs.

  • Workout shirts can be purchased with technology that helps you wick sweat away from your body.
  • Pants, jackets, and other pieces of clothing are often made to provide maximum flexibility which eases movement while exercising.
  • Shoes are often thought of as an important part of men's workout wear because it is important to keep your feet protected and comfortable whether working out in the gym or outdoors.
  • Men's workout garments come in a wide range of sizes to meet the needs of men at every athletic level.

Apparel for men that is made specifically for working out will often come with distinct features that set it apart from regular clothing. Some of the most common features found in workout wear include:

  • Moisture-wicking technology in shirts and other clothing types
  • Jackets and pants that are made to be wind- and water-resistant so you can exercise in the rain
  • Thermoregulation is used in athletic clothing and is a technology which provides temperature regulation no matter how hard you work out
  • Microfiber is used in some men's shirts, shorts, and other garments to provide maximum movement and flexibility

Men can find specific garments for almost every type of physical sport or workout activity. Whether you like to enjoy a weekend of golf or are hitting the track to train for a marathon, you can find specific pieces to meet your needs.

  • Men performing casual activities such as golf, frisbee, or weight training can find light cotton and breathable fabrics appropriate for these activities.
  • Men performing physical activities outdoors can find waterproof and sweatproof pieces such as jackets that will help to protect them. These pieces will also provide additional features such as pockets for phones.
  • Traditional sports activities all have specific types of shorts, jerseys, and undergarments to help men achieve peak performance whether the activity is a weekend hobby or whether the activity is intense training for a professional tournament or race.