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Men's 100% Wool Coats and Jackets

When searching for new outerwear to update your wardrobe, 100% wool coats and jackets will keep you warm and offer a slew of additional characteristics that help keep you comfortable. From topcoats and overcoats to casual shirt jackets, these items can be used for warmth or fashion. Wool jackets and coats come in a variety of styles that can match your specific tastes.

How does a wool coat help protect against the cold?

The fibers that exist in wool create pockets of air in your coat or jacket, which acts as a natural form of insulation. When wearing clothing of this type, you will stay warm when the temperatures drop and cool when the temperatures rise, making it a good material to wear no matter the weather. This substance also wicks moisture away from the body, allowing you to stay relatively dry while it's raining or snowing. Wool overcoats and topcoats are particularly beneficial against the cold as the extra padding inside helps protect from more frigid temperatures.

What advantages does wool clothing have?

Wool has remained a staple in many people's closets for years given the fact that its natural characteristics allow it to offer an array of benefits to the wearer.

  • Material is Flame-Retardant: Wool offers natural protection against fire, as the material will put a flame out if ignited on the wool jacket or overcoat, due to how the fibers are packed together
  • Fibers are All-Natural: The fibers in this material are completely natural and contain no artificial chemicals, making it a beneficial material for anyone with allergies to synthetic fibers
  • Helps People With Allergies: This material wicks away any moisture that it comes in contact with, lessening the chance that your wool coat or jacket develops bacteria, mold, or dust mites, which is why people with allergies, asthma, and other breathing issues will benefit from this material
  • Elasticity Offers Support for Joint Pain: Wool is an exceedingly elastic fabric and will naturally mold around the joints of your body, making it more comfortable to move around for people with severe rheumatism or arthritis.
  • Light and Durable Material: Although this material is very strong, durable, and resistant to a wide range of issues, it's also a relatively light fabric that makes it usable in casual jackets and coats that have a lighter frame

What are the differences between jackets and coats?

Although there are a variety of different types of coats and jackets to select from, including peacoats, overcoats, bomber jackets, and parkas, there are several basic differences between jackets and coats. Wool coats are typically lengthy garments that can extend to the thighs, while wool jackets usually stop at the waist. Wool jackets also tend to be on the lighter side.