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Medical Instruments

Plentiful medical supplies that are in good order are a must for a clinic or an office of a nurse practitioner or doctor. These instruments are not just for humans. People who run veterinary clinics need them as well.

What categories of medical instruments are available?

Categories of medical instruments are:

  • Surgical, which are vital in performing operations.
  • Stethoscopes to listen to the heart and lungs and check blood pressure.
  • Instruments used to examine patients and diagnose illnesses.
  • Vintage or collector’s medical instruments that are no longer technologically sound.
What specific medical instruments are available?

Hemostats are instruments used to stanch the flow of blood during an operation. They can be sold individually or in sets, come in several sizes, and can be curved or straight. Small, sharp iris scissors are used in eye operations, and retractors hold open surgical wounds while a doctor operates. There are retractors for face lifts, oral procedures, and for use in veterinary medicine. Surgical blades dull like everything else and need to be replaced now and then. Therefore, scalpel blades and knife handles are available, as are tweezers used to pull out splinters, ingrown hairs, slivers of glass, and other invasive items. Like hemostats, each of these devices comes in different sizes and can come in sets.

Other instruments you may need are dermal curettes, which remove skin lesions, including skin cancers, and suture-tying forceps. These help the surgeon tie sutures to close wounds. Bandage scissors are angled to cut bandages cleanly. Alligator ear forceps are also angled, and only the very end of the mouth opens to remove foreign bodies from the ear. They are also used by veterinarians. The nasal speculum opens the nasal passages during rhinoplasty or other nose surgery.

Are sets of surgical instruments available?

You can purchase sets of surgical instruments. Sets include suture and laceration sets to help sew up wounds that are caused by injury or surgery; there are also sets of suture needles, and EMT sets that include penlights, hemostats, and other necessary items. You will find kits for splinter removal.

Are stethoscopes for sale?

The tubing of these devices can come in a variety of cheerful colors, including:

  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Purple

Some stethoscopes come with blood pressure cuffs. Pediatric stethoscopes can come with little animal faces for the chest piece. One-time-use stethoscopes are used and then disposed of.

Accessories for stethoscopes include:

  • Clip holders
  • Cases
  • Eartips
  • Name tags
  • Spare parts kit
Are there exam and diagnostic instruments?

Exam and diagnostic instruments include otoscopes, which check the inside of the ear; specula, which are used by obstetricians and gynecologists; and laryngoscopes, which allow the doctor to examine the back of the throat. Headlights worn by the doctor and other types of lights, such as penlights, allow physicians to see an area with more clarity. Thermometers let the doctor or nurse monitor your temperature, and reflex hammers let the doctor check your reflexes.

Are there other medical tools?

Other medical tools include vacuum cannulas for liposuction procedures, instrument trays, dermal cannulas for dermal filler injections, and pill crushers.

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