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All About McIntosh Vintage Power Amplifiers

Power amplifiers are electrical devices that provide amplification and various effects to audio sounds. McIntosh has been creating devices since 1949 with the goal of providing the amplifiers to withstand the test of time, especially in consideration of their vintage amps. While some utilize valve technology, other amps are designed for electronic effects or increasing sound strength in large areas.

What are the different types of McIntosh vintage amplifiers?
  • Tube: This type of McIntosh vintage power amplifier is also known as a valve amp. It uses vacuum tubes to increase the loudness of an audio signal. This specific type of amp provides a natural sound with little automatic sound effects added.
  • Solid-State: These amps use solid-state electronics to increase the sounds that pass through the output instead of valves. This allows for a raw sound with minimal automatic sound effects.
  • Digital: Amplifiers that combine the features of both solid state and valve devices are known as digital amplifiers. These use circuits to mimic the sounds of tube amps by taking incoming analog signals and converting them into digital sound waves. These devices are able to do this while remaining lightweight and portable. These types of amplifiers usually feature built-in digital effects as well.
What effects can vintage McIntosh devices provide?
  • Electric: Vintage electric McIntosh power amps have buttons to change sound effects to your liking. Most allow you to tweak the echo, chorus, and pitch of sounds that come through the loudspeaker. They also usually allow for more than one effect at a time for a variety of audio sounds.
  • Equalization (EQ): This effect allows you to change the frequency range of the treble and bass. A device with more frequency ranges possesses more EQ bands, which means more customization options.
  • Reverb: This effect is created when a spring or plate vibrates when sound leaves the output. It creates an echo-like sound effect.
  • Sensitivity: Located in the speaker, copper rods dampen interference and make the speaker more sensitive. This creates clearer notes from the amplifier.
  • Watt: A watt can be defined as the SI unit of power, equal to one joule per second. This describes how powerful a vintage device will be, with anything over 4 Watts considered powerful.
  • Impedance: Usually measured in ohms, impedance is effective resistance of an electric circuit or component to alternating current.
What are the different styles of McIntosh vintage devices?
  • Combo: Combo devices contain a speaker and amp that are encased in a cabinet together. This style of an amplifier is usually smaller than a head and cabinet amplifier, but it can provide up to the same wattage and impedance.
  • Head and cabinet: This style usually used in larger spaces since it produces louder audio than combos. This specific design comes in two parts: the amplifier head and the speaker cabinet. The head can either sit on top of the speaker or be separated from it completely to use with different instruments.
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