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Maternity Nursing Tops

Breastfeeding mothers need maternity clothing that provides easy breast access for quick and discreet nursing. Maternity nursing tops and nursing tanks make it easier to nurse at home or in public. Nursing shirts allow you to dress in a way that provides access to your nursing bra and your breast.

What are nursing shirts?

Maternity nursing tops are special shirts that have discreet nursing openings for breast access. If you dress in a normal bra or shirt, you may have to remove your clothes to breastfeed, but when you dress in a nursing top, you can breastfeed without revealing much skin. Depending on the design, you may even feel comfortable breastfeeding in a maternity nursing top without a cover.

What openings do nursing tops Have?

These tops feature a variety of easy-to-use designs.

  • Move aside: The neckline on this nursing top moves aside to reveal the nursing bra.
  • Pull-down neckline: The neckline of this nursing top style tugs down so that you can nurse.
  • Side access: The sleeve area or a side panel on a nursing top may move over to provide access to your bra.
  • Pull-up accents: A decorative section of the nursing top lifts up to reveal the nipple.
  • Drop cup: One corner the maternity shirt has a cup that unlatches to fold down, similar to nursing bras. This style is most common in nursing tanks.

What is a nursing tank?

A nursing tank is a camisole with built-in breast access. It has chest support, so you can wear it in place of a nursing bra. With a nursing cami, unlike a nursing bra, you can wear a regular shirt over the tank and still have your stomach covered while breastfeeding.

How can you pump in a nursing top?

Even when your baby is not with you, you can benefit from the design of nursing clothes. Depending on the design of your nursing outfit, lift or move the access panel so that you can hold the pump to your breast without exposing much skin. Long-sleeve nursing clothes are recommended if your pumping spot is cold. If you usually wear a dress to work, switch to a nursing top with a skirt or wear a dress designed for nursing. Some breastfeeding mothers also opt to wear a hands-free nursing bra over their top to hold the pump in place.

How can a nursing top look like a normal shirt?

Maternity clothing designers know that breastfeeding mothers don't want the design of their tops to be obvious.

  • Stretchy material: With the right material, the neckline or sleeve of a maternity dress or top is easy to pull aside.
  • Decorative elements: Ruffles, embroidered panels, and drape necklines are fashionable and concealing additions to tops for nursing moms.
  • Zippers and buttons: These features are common to both normal tops and maternity nursing clothes, so you won't look out of place. Undo these elements for easy access to nursing bras.
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