Celebrate Freemasonry With Masonic Freemason Tokens and Masonic Coins

If you love a Mason or are one yourself, then starting a Masonic Freemason token and Masonic coin collection may be a great hobby. Filled with many symbols, these coins also make a great way to collect history. You can find many types of Masonic coins on eBay.

Masonic coin symbols

Many symbols may appear on affordable Masonic coins, including:

  • Square and compass - These symbols, usually accompanied by the letter G, stands for making one's actions good and understanding one's role in the spiritual universe.
  • Apron and gloves - These symbols stand for living with a pure heart and to keep one's hands clean.
  • All-seeing eye - This symbol on interesting Masonic coins is designed to remind Masons that God and others always see their thoughts and actions.
  • Ashlars - You may see rough and smooth ashlars on Masonic coins. They are to remind Masons of the contrast between man's natural state and perfection.
  • Level - This symbol found on new or preowned Masonic coins reminds Masons that everyone is equal before God.
Marks found on Masonic pennies

Masonic pennies are often given by individual lodges. In addition to being presented to members, members of a lodge can choose to give a Freemason penny to those helping them. They usually have the name of the lodge, and some have a date. Many times, the initials HTWSSTKS, which stands for Hiram, Tyrian, Widow's Son, Sent to King Solomon, appear on the coin. Often, special tokens with unique designs are presented to Masons who advance in the program, and they may be available on eBay. Each lodge designs their coins, and there are more than 10,000 different designs available. Dates on some Masonic coins indicate the year that the lodge was formed.

What characteristics may determine the value of a Masonic coin?

There are many characteristics that you may want to consider when looking for Masonic coins for sale. You may choose to specialize in the collection of older coins, as these are usually assigned a higher value. Those coins produced by lodges with famous members, like United States presidents, may fetch a premium. Some collectors look for well-documented coins that belonged to a famous individual. Others may look for an old Masonic coin that has an intricate design. You may also want to specialize in the collection of Fee Mason pennies where the surface of a U.S. penny has been altered to include a Masonic symbol. These coins were often made as novelties during the 1970s.