How many times have you applied mascara to your eyelashes and never really thought about the product at all? This cosmetic product can help your lashes in various ways, including thickening them, darkening them, and even adding more length. With options available in liquid, creams, and cake products, you are sure to find the results you need. Did you know that the use of mascara dates back to the ancient Egyptian cultures, and it is something that is present in virtually all cultures around the world? Initially, people, both men and women, used kohl to add the darkening to their eyes in an effort to ward off evil spirits. Other products included honey, soot, and even crocodile stool. Lucky for you, the next time you pick up waterproof mascara, you don't have to worry about using soot or stool on your eyelashes. It's easy to find what you need from the reliable sellers on eBay, including everything from black to blue mascara. Pick up a few pens and liquid products to add to your makeup collection, so your eyes look fabulous for a day at home or a night on the town.