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Martin Archery Recurve Bows

Archery is enjoyed by many people around the world as an entertaining outdoor sport as well as a useful hunting skill. High-quality recurve bows from Martin Archery make it possible for everybody to get involved in the world of archery. With specially designed frames that enable high power shots while still leaving room for personal modification and customization, the bows created by Martin Archery are an excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts of all backgrounds.

What is a recurve bow?

A recurve bow is a special type of bow, similar in shape to the classic longbow, but with one notable exception. Unlike the longbow, a recurve bow has the tips of the bow limbs curved back and away from the user. This minor difference in shape allows the recurve bow to both deliver more energy to the arrow with less pull weight and transfers the energy efficiently, resulting in a powerful shot. This is especially useful for hunters as the power will be likely to result in a successful shot.

What can you use a recurve bow for?

A recurve bow made by Martin Archery offers many benefits that make it an excellent choice for archers of any skill level. The structure and design of the recurve enable it to be used in a variety of situations, including both archery competitions and hunting in the wilderness. They are an excellent option for teaching archery to children as they require much less pull weight than other bows.What benefits are there to using a recurve bow?Some of the pros of using a Martin Archery recurve bow include:

  • Simplicity - The structure of this special type of bow is very similar to the structure of classic longbows, with the only difference being a slight curve at the ends of the bow limbs that reverse direction.
  • Power - When the string is drawn back on this type of bow, the curved ends of the bow limbs start to straighten slightly. This gives the shot additional power when compared to a standard longbow. The extra power and speed make the recurve an excellent choice for hunters who can take advantage of this special ability.
  • Customization - While some archers prefer to stick to the old-fashioned ways of archery, using only their hands and keen eyesight to hit their targets, the solid body of a Martin Archery recurve bow leaves plenty of opportunities for you to connect accessories to the bow, including sights and guards.
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