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What Is Mario Party for the Wii?

Mario Party is just one title in a long series created for numerous platforms over the years. The first title was launched in 1998 for the Nintendo 64 platform, and in the time since then, there have been numerous other Mario Party video games released. Gameplay in the series differs from other titles, making it stand out among traditional video games.

What Should You Know About Mario Party?

As the longest-running game series featuring minigames, Mario Party is filled with well-known characters from the Mario universe, including Princess Peach, Luigi, Wario, and Yoshi. Donkey Kong also makes an appearance in a handful of the titles, and there are some other useful facts to know about this game series.

  • Up to four players with controllers can enjoy this party title together, with each person being able to choose the character they'd like to be.
  • The first title to be released for the Wii console was Mario Party 8.
  • Gameplay is a bit of a departure from other games like Super Mario Bros. and other Super Mario titles because the entire game is laced with minigames in between regular play.

How Do You Play Mario Party?

Gameplay begins when you choose your character and get on the board, and in many ways, Mario Party 8 is very similar to a traditional board game.

  • Players use their Wii remote to virtually roll the dice and move forward a specific amount of spaces, which is how you control your character's movement.
  • Each space you land on dictates how play progresses. For instance, you could end up playing a minigame, just hanging out on a space, or moving backward.
  • When you play minigames, you receive stars for your achievements. At the end of the game, you count up how many you have and you can win trophies and awards for who has the most, in addition to unlocking other awards.

Which Titles Were Released for the Wii Consoles?

Though this game starring the iconic plumber brothers has been out for other consoles for some time, the Nintendo Wii didn't get a version until just after the platform came out in 2007.

  • Mario Party 8 was released in 2007, and this four-player game is the eighth game in the series but only the first Party title to hit the Wii platform. You can also engage in single-player mode, and it's appropriate for ages three and up.
  • In 2012, Mario Party 9 came out for the Wii platform. There is more attention paid to the minigames in this title than in previous versions, and each character doesn't need to move around the board alone since they are all in one car.
  • Released for the Nintendo Wii U in 2015, Mario Party 10 is the only title that came out on that platform. While it is similar to the other titles, the exception is that there are new modes, such an amiibo mode, included in the course of the game.

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