Marantz 2270

Maximize Your Listening Enjoyment with the Marantz 2270

The Marantz 2270 is a stereo receiver that was manufactured from 1971 to 1975. You can gain the full experience of vintage entertainment this device offers with the different options available on eBay.

What key features does the Marantz 2270 offer?

The Marantz 2270 was designed to give you freedom when it came to listening to your favorite records, tape recordings, or radio channels. This stereo receiver has a wide range of features and functions to ensure the most benefits for these purposes.

  • AM/FM tuner: The AM/FM tuner gives you the ability to maximize the channel choices you have for your listening enjoyment. The tuner dial offers the capability of fine-tuning the station to overcome interference that would otherwise block out the audio transmission.
  • High/low filter: The high/low filter provides the ability to make sound adjustments that are especially helpful when making your own recordings or playing back soundtracks of varying volume levels.
  • Dual tape input ports and monitors: The dual tape input ports and monitors offers the ability to copy recordings or play two tapes simultaneously. The monitors offer the convenience of making adjustments to your home recordings or make sound adjustments as you see necessary.
  • Phono input port: Connect up to two record player decks for the ability to listen to your vinyl records.
  • Headphone jack: The front headphone jack offers the convenience of connecting your headphones or earphones for private listening experiences.
Does the Marantz 2270 stereo receiver have antenna ports?

Yes, there are ports available on the back of the Marantz 2270 stereo receiver deck that allow you to connect an independent antenna. This allows you to receiver clearer signals to the stereo receiver deck for uninterrupted listening capabilities when streaming music through AM/FM channels.

What are the size specifications of the Marantz 2270?

The Marantz 2270 stereo receiver deck is designed for personal use while providing professional quality capabilities for audio entertainment purposes. This stereo receiver deck measures almost 17 inches in width by 5 inches tall by 14 inches long. The overall weight of the Marantz 2270 stereo receiver is 38.5 pounds.

What color options are available for the Marantz 2270 receiver?

The Marantz 2270 stereo receiver is made from silver metallic materials. The deck is covered in a wooden casing that has a walnut color finish. The trim of the front panel is outlined in black matte highlights to help make the reading of the dials and controls easier on the eye.

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