Marantz 2230

Everything You Need to Know About Choosing a Marantz 2230 Stereo Receiver

When you enjoy listening to music, having a quality stereo receiver allows you to connect to your preferred types of media. An ideal stereo receiver also makes it easy to customize your listening experience by adjusting the tone, balance, volume, and other functions. On eBay, you can choose from new and used Marantz 2230 stereo receivers with a range of features and functions at affordable prices.

What are some features of the Marantz 2230 stereo receivers?

The features of the Marantz 2230 stereo receivers may include the following:

  • Balancing: You can balance the sound toward the left speaker, right speaker, or equally between the speakers.
  • Knob controls: Select the mode of operation and input types with the knobs. The knobs click into place for the selection.
  • Tone: You can adjust the balance of the bass and the treble independently of each other.
  • Gyroscope tuning: Use the gyroscope dial to adjust the tuning for AM and FM radio functions.
  • Filtering: You can filter the low sounds, high sounds, or neither.
What are the inputs and outputs on the Marantz 2230?

The inputs and outputs on the affordable Marantz 2230 stereo receivers include:

  • Headphones: The faceplate has a jack for headphones.
  • Speakers: There are outputs for left and right speakers.
  • Radio antenna: It accepts AM and FM radio antenna connections.
  • Auxiliary: This works with a personal cassette or compact disc player or a tape recorder.
  • Phono and cassette deck: Connect your turntable or cassette player to these inputs.
What are the audio specifications of the Marantz 2230 receivers?

The audio specifications of the receivers may include:

  • Speaker impedance: The speaker impedance range is 4 ohms to 16 ohms, depending on how many speakers you connect to it.
  • Frequency response: The frequency response range is 15 Hz to 50 kHz.
  • Channel separation: The inline channel separation is 35dB.
  • Total harmonic distortion: The total harmonic distortion is 0.5 %, and the dampening factor is 45.
  • Signal to noise ratio: The signal to noise ratio is 83dB.
How do you choose an affordable Marantz 2230 on eBay?

When you are shopping on eBay for an affordable Marantz 2230 stereo receiver, consider its:

  • Condition: There are used, refurbished, and parts-only options available.
  • Color: Choose black, walnut, silver, or gray for the housing color.
  • Housing type: Select particle board, solid wood, or metal as the housing type.
  • Display: Choose an LED or fluorescent bulb for display illumination.
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