Manolo Blahnik Shoes

How to Buy Manolo Blahnik Fashion Footwear In Accurate Sizes?

Shoe sizes can vary wildly between designers, and a size 7 shoe from Manolo Blahnik may be another's size 8. When looking for the perfect sandals, flats, heels or pumps, following these steps can reward you with a more accurate fit and a more comfortable shoe.

  • First, trace the outline of each foot on a piece of paper. It is important to do this for each foot, as some people have differently sized feet.
  • Using a ruler, draw straight lines along the edges of your feet, so that it looks like the outline of your foot is inside a box. With the ruler, measure the length and width of your foot using the rectangle as a guide.
  • Look up the conversion of this measurements to Manolo Blahnik sizes, which should provide the most accurate sizes. Different lines, like the BB Pump and Hangisi lines, may have slightly different sizing.

How to Care for Manolo Blahnik Fashion Shoes?

Manolo Blahnik footwear is manufactured based on hand-made and hand-fashioned proofs with exceptional quality. From suede sandals to satin heels, your shoes will last longer with the proper care.

  • Adding rubber soles and heel caps to the bottoms of shoes can prevent the fabric or leather from thinning and scraping, which can make your shoes wear out faster. It is easy to match these helpful accessories to sole color, and as a perk they increase traction on slick floors.
  • Make sure to regularly condition leather and suede shoes, which can help the shoe remain supple and comfortable and resistant to wear.
  • Make sure to store shoes carefully rather than throwing them in a closet. This can help prevent scratches and signs of wear, especially on satin other fabric sandals, heels, and stilettos.

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