Manicure and Pedicure Tools and Kits

Manicure and pedicure tool kits serve different functions to care for and help keep fingernails and toenails neat, clean, and aesthetically pleasing. Tools are a combination of cardboard, metal, and plastic. Cleaning tools regularly and discarding disposable tools periodically helps to keep them sanitary.

What types of manicure and pedicure tools are available?

Nail files, cuticle nippers, toenail clippers, fingernail clippers, cuticle pushers, nail buffers, pumice stones, cuticle and nail shavers, and callus shavers are some of the manicure and pedicure tools available. Each one has a distinctive purpose that helps nails and toes stay healthy and aesthetically pleasing.

What are cuticles?

They are pieces of skin that grow at the bottom of finger beds. They can be pushed down with pushers and trimmed with nippers to keep nail beds tidy and smooth. Keeping them trimmed means more nail surface area to paint and groom. Pushers are generally flat on one side with a pointed edge. The flat part is placed on the finger or toenail and the pointed edge is used to push the skin down to the bottom of the nail bed. Once the cuticle is bunched at the bottom, cuticle clippers that look like scissors with three-dimensional pointed edges can be used to trim them.

Why are there different trimmers for fingers and toenails?

The main difference between finger and toe trimmers is size. Generally, the big toe is larger than any of the fingernails. Appropriately, trimmers for toes are usually larger than finger clippers. The design is largely the same; the top flips up to become a lever, and sides are squeezed together to clip nails with the clipper’s sharp ends. Generally, the sharp ends are curved to accommodate a nail shape. In a pinch, finger clippers can be used for toes and vice versa.

How do you clean manicure and pedicure tools?

Both sorts of tools should be washed regularly. In professional salons, tools are sterilized between clients so that any potential bacteria strain on tools does not transfer to the next customer. You might sanitize your metal tools by washing them thoroughly with antibacterial soap and hot water. Files should be discarded and replaced periodically as should pumice stones.

What is a callus shaver?

Calluses are bubbles that form on the inside of knuckles from activities like gymnastics, weightlifting, and general heavy hand use. Calluses are not harmful but may be considered aesthetically unappealing. Callus shavers serve to eliminate calluses so that the insides of hands stay smooth. Calluses can also appear on feet and can be removed via the same process.