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A Quick Intro to Mamiya Medium-Format Film Cameras

While achieving the perfect shot with a film camera takes a little more effort compared to snapping a photo with a smartphone, the results are often more gratifying. The Mamiya 7 camera is a medium-format rangefinder camera equipped with many versatile features. You can find a wide selection of new and pre-owned Mamiya cameras on eBay for reasonable prices.

What is a rangefinder camera?

The Mamiya 7 is a rangefinder camera, which means that it has a range-finding focusing mechanism. This mechanism provides photographers with a precise view of the subject at the moment of exposure. Because of this unobstructed view, rangefinder models are often used by photojournalists and travel photographers who need fast-acting cameras.

What features does the Mamiya 7 have?

Mamiya 7 cameras are equipped with features such as:

  • Unique rangefinder design: These Mamiya cameras come with a fully coupled rangefinder. Frame lines are parallax corrected and auto indexed, which ensures that this mechanism is compatible with multiple lens options.
  • 6 by 7 centimeter format: When you take photographs using the 6 by 7 centimeter image format, the resulting negatives are about five times larger than standard 35-millimeter negatives. This means that each image contains more detail. Thanks to the format's aspect ratio, it's easy to expand the images to 8 by 10-inch paper size.
  • 35-millimeter adapter: When photographers want to use 35-millimeter film, they can use the Mamiya's 35-millimeter panoramic adapter kit. When this kit is inserted into the Mamiya camera, photographers can achieve highly detailed 24 by 65-millimeter images.
  • Metering: Mamiya has equipped all of these cameras with automatic and manual control metering options. The aperture priority automatic exposure readings increase in 1/6 increments, and the manual metering operates via easy-to-adjust LED readouts.
  • Shutter speed: These Mamiya cameras are equipped with precise electromagnetic shutters. Photographers can also manually adjust the shutter speed using the shutter speed dial.
What lens options are available?

There are several lenses compatible with the Mamiya 7 II medium-format camera. They include:

  • Ultra wide-angle lens: The 43-millimeter f/4.5 lens offers distortion-free wide-angle images. It's commonly used for landscape and industrial photography.
  • 65-millimeter lens: The 65-millimeter f/4 lenses increase depth of field and minimizes distortion.
  • Standard 80-millimeter lens: This wide-normal lens is commonly used for portraiture and general photography.
  • Telephoto 150-millimeter lens: The Mamiya telephoto lenses are made of low-dispersion glass, which ensures apochromatic performance.
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