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Mamiya 6x6 cm Film Cameras

Questions About Mamiya Film 6 by 6 Centimeter Film Format Cameras

If you are looking for that vintage film camera look or just prefer shooting on analog over digital, then the Mamiya 6 by 6 film format camera is an excellent option. Mamiya has a track record of taking high-quality photos as well as having a very reliable viewfinder. You can purchase pre-owned and new Mamiya film cameras on eBay at reasonable prices.

What does the 6 by 6 format mean?

In general, film format is a set of characteristics regarding image capture on photographic film. In the case of the Mamiya 6, the 6 by 6 film format refers to a medium format in still photography. The advantage is that, because of the format size, higher-quality images can be produced.

What kinds of features can you expect with this camera?

There are many things you can expect to find when you purchase the vintage Mamiya 6 camera. Some special features include:

  • Mamiya 50 millimeter f/4.0, 75 millimeter f/3.5, and 150 f/4.5 lens formats
  • Screw-in or bayonet type camera hood
What is the difference between the Mamiya 6 lenses?

There are several differences that result from each camera having a different lens format. A few include:

  • More acute angles of view as the lens size becomes larger
  • A larger filter size for the 150 millimeter lens type
  • The smaller the lens type, the greater the area covered
  • On the other hand, the larger the lens type, the greater the focusing distance
  • The 150 millimeter lens has the largest aperture at 32
How do you maintain the camera?

Keeping your camera clean and free of any kind of dust or detritus will be instrumental to its longevity and ability to keep producing quality photographs. Here are a few tips:

  • Clean the lens by detaching it from the camera body. Use a special camera lens cleaning cloth and spray.
  • The outside of the camera and inside of the film chamber can be cleaned by using a blower.
  • Use a cloth soaked in cleaning solution to wipe the entire camera down (if in the absence of a cloth, use a cotton swab for a similar effect).
  • Tough stains and grime can occur on the camera if you are doing outdoor photography. Use a rubber pencil eraser to get rid of these tarnishes and keep the outside of your camera smooth.
  • The ground glass inside of the camera and the viewfinder can be cleaned using a cotton swab.
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