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Mallory Car and Truck Distributors and Parts

Distributors and mechanical accessories that Mallory produces for cars and trucks are compatible with electrical hardware and general housing components. The main parts that are designed by Mallory include ignition parts, component caps, and sporty hardware for turbo vehicles. Mallory also manufactures wiring options that can be used with many electrical products.

What are the design specifications for a wiring part?

Distributor wiring that is designed with a harness typically has magnetic components. Some products are built with an electronic distributor that has three wires. They have a practical design that reduces excessive vibration during driving.

What are the design specifications for a general cap?

Caps that cover distributor components are available in many colors. Most units have a socket-style design that has eight spots for different cylinders.

What products can enhance a racing vehicle?

An ignition system can enhance cranking procedures before a race. Mallory designs ignition hardware and parts for hot rods.

What products are built for Chevrolet vehicles?

Electronic distributor products for Chevrolet cars, such as the Chevy 454 and 350, are designed for long and short block engines. Mallory parts have specs that suit many Chevy vehicles and hot rods.

What products have advanced features?

Automotive products with a vacuum advance benefit motorists who need increased efficiency on the road. These Mallory accessories are built for a Chevy. A convenient harness cap is included with each distributor that is a Chevy product.

What are the design specifications for a sporty wiring harness?

Along the end of a wiring harness, there is a plastic cap that protects the electrical lines. This cap also has ports for general automotive ignition hardware. The wires that run along the harness are color-coded. The durable material on the lines provides protection so that icy conditions do not negatively impact electrical current flow or affect electrical circuits, rain cannot penetrate to cause any major electrical issues, and the wires are protected from other harm.

What products are built for Ford vehicles?

Ford cars use electronic components, which are compatible with Mallory ignition systems. You can upgrade a Ford vehicle by using products and accessories designed specifically for Ford vehicles.

What distributor parts are built for a Chrysler vehicle?

Mallory designed a distributor that helps a Chrysler car operate more efficiently. This part has a unique housing that is equipped with multiple cylinders and mechanisms to help improve performance.

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