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Revamp Your Home Using a Makita Cordless Drill

Whether you are moving into a new home that needs a bit of remodeling or doing renovations on your current space for a fresh look, a Makita cordless drill can be an essential addition to your toolkit. Cut time on making holes or screwing screws manually by using the speed and power of a cordless drill. eBay has a wide variety of affordable Makita cordless drills to choose from.

Do Makita cordless drills come with any additional parts or accessories?

Many Makita cordless drills available on eBay come in a kit that includes all of the necessary parts you need to use the drill as well as some extras like a case to store everything in or an additional battery. Cordless drills that are not sold in a set or kit can still come with an additional battery or the very necessary charger that the drill is manufactured and sold with.

How long does the battery last on Makita cordless drills?

Makita cordless drills use a rechargeable 1.5 aH Lithium-Ion battery, and these batteries are warrantied for three years, the average lifespan of a cordless drill that gets regular use. With proper care, however, the batteries can last much longer without being replaced. The drill's compact battery should take about 15 to 30 minutes to charge, and you should expect the battery to at least last throughout the job you are using it for.

Save money by buying a used Makita cordless drill

By buying a used Makita cordless drill on eBay, you should be able to save more money than buying a brand new one. Buying a used drill, depending on the included accessories and condition of the drill, can save you almost half of the price of buying a new drill of the same quality and caliber. It is a more cost-efficient and budget-friendly option buying used rather than buying new.

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