Makeup Removers

After spending all day in makeup, you will want to safely and effectively remove the makeup before using your cleanser to fully clean your face. By using specially formulated makeup removers for cleansing, you can prevent clogged pores and breakouts from occurring, keeping your skin fresh and clear. It is important to choose a makeup remover that works for your specific skin type.

What types of makeup removers are there?

  • There are five main types of makeup remover and eye makeup remover: liquid, gel, foam, oil, and wipes.
    • Liquid cleanser: Cleansing liquids are formulated to remove makeup without stripping the skin of natural oils.
    • Gel remover: Depending on the formula, gel remover is usually strong enough to dissolve the oils and ingredients in lipsticks and mascara. Some products may also be formulated for sensitive skin.
    • Foam remover: Foam makeup cleanser works for those who like to lather up. Foam makeup removers work well for removing foundation but should not be used around the eyes.
    • Oil remover: Oil cleansers can make it easier to remove waterproof mascara and other hard-to-remove makeup products.
    • Makeup wipes: These gentle cleansing products come in towelette form and allow you to remove your makeup without water. Some use them to clean up their eye makeup look or to remove all of their makeup at the end of the day.
  • Some users rely on a combination of products and wipes to ensure that all of their makeup is removed.

What are the ingredients in makeup remover?

  • There are a variety of ingredients commonly found in both makeup removers and eye makeup removers. They include glycerin, glycols, and sulfates.
    • Some removers and cleansers include alcohol and fragrances. Those with sensitive skin may want to avoid these ingredients.
  • Makeup users should read the ingredients to ensure that the products are not formulated with something the user might be allergic to.

How do you remove eye makeup?

  • It is generally recommended that you use products that were formulated to be used safely around the eye. For example, products labeled as eye makeup remover or eye makeup remover pads should be used.
  • Those who are using cotton pads with eye makeup remover on them should use a clean side with every swipe across the eye.
  • You should avoid rubbing your eyes too harshly with eye makeup remover as this can cause irritation and redness. Fine lines around the eyes may also develop over time.

Can you use coconut oil to remove eye makeup?

Coconut oil can be used to safely and quickly remove mascara and other eye makeup. Because it is an oil, it can remove waterproof mascara and other eye makeup. For some, coconut oil is comedogenic, meaning it can cause some users to develop blackheads and breakouts. Those who suffer breakouts after using coconut oil should use other eye makeup removers.

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