Find a Quality Replacement to Your MacBook Pro 17 Logic Board

Whether you are planning to sell your 17-inch MacBook laptop or want to bring new life to it, you can find a large selection of affordable MacBook Pro 17 logic boards for sale on eBay. With both new and used models, you can find the right logic board to meet your budget.

What does a MacBook Pro 17 logic board do?

A logic board is the main circuitry board of your MacBook. Sometimes referred to as the motherboard, a logic board controls all the vital aspects and peripherals of your computer. All the inner workings of your computer are connected to the logic board. When a logic board is damaged or defective, it can seriously degrade the performance of your MacBook. You may not even be able to turn the computer on.

What are some signs of logic board failure?

There are some hints your MacBook will give you when your logic board is failing. You may find your computer stops responding to whatever you are doing on it and locks up. If your computer can turn on, you might only see vertical or horizontal lines or hear the fan running. A few other common ways to tell if your MacBook's logic board is beginning to fail and you need to replace it include:

  • Your MacBook takes a long time to start up.
  • Your MacBook randomly freezes.
  • Your MacBook is hot to the touch.
  • You can turn on your MacBook, but nothing displays on the screen.
Are genuine Apple logic boards available?

Yes, you can find a myriad of genuine Apple logic boards as well as aftermarket logic boards. You can also find a vast selection of new and used models. Most used models have been pulled from or tested on working computers and are in good condition. With this exceptional variety, you can easily find a logic board at a price you can afford.

Why should you choose a replacement logic board?

eBay has a big selection of logic boards and other parts for your 17-inch MacBook Pro at affordable prices. By purchasing and replacing your MacBook Pro logic board yourself, you will save even more money on installation. Swapping out your logic board is also beneficial if you plan to sell your MacBook laptop. This allows you to keep your personal information stored on your initial board securely.

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