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Finding the Right Laptop

Laptops have become a crucial tool in modern life, whether for work, study or enjoying your downtime. Even when you settle on a style of laptop that you prefer like a MacBook, there are a number of different variations to pick from. The MacBook Air is one such type of laptop, with variations in its size, design, and technical performance.

What Are Some Design Features of the MacBook Air?

Among the many versions of the Apple MacBook Air, there are typical design features that are shared by most of the laptops, such as:

  • Trackpad and Keyboard: As with most laptops, the MacBook Air is controlled with a keyboard and multi-touch trackpad. The keyboard is also LED-backlit so that you can easily type while in low-light environments.
  • Laptop Battery: To make the most of the laptop's portability, they feature a power-efficient battery made from a lithium-polymer so that you don't always have to stay plugged in. These laptops tend to have a battery life of up to 12 hours of browsing the Internet over Wi-Fi or watching stored movies.
  • Operating System: Unlike other makes of laptops, MacBooks run on their own dedicated operating system, macOS. It comes with its own unique layout, navigation, and file formats.

What Are Some Technical Specifications of MacBooks?

The biggest deciding point when choosing a laptop like the Apple MacBook, is just how much performance and power you require and can afford. The specifications that impact that performance include:

  • Memory: A computer's ability to handle multiple programs at once is down to its memory, where all the in-use programs' data is stored. With 8 GB RAM, a laptop is more than able to hand ordinary activities and more intensive ones too.
  • Hard Drive: So that you have immediate access to all your files, photos, and games, you need enough a hard disk or solid state drive (SSD) to store them all. Most MacBooks use SSD storage for their storage space and can typically feature a 128 GB SSD or larger.
  • CPU Processor: The speed of a computer, measured in GHz, is determined by its processor. Laptops like the MacBook Air use a CPU like Intel Core i5 or i7, which are often designed with a dual-core for greater capacity. The performance of a processor like that of a fifth-generation dual core processor can be enhanced with the turbo boost function.
  • Graphics Card: Sometimes programs need even greater computing power, which is where graphics cards come in. Cards like the Intel HD Graphics 6000 are useful for graphics-intensive or heavy duty applications.

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