Model trains are used not only as a children’s toy but as a seasonal commercial display during the holidays. Some people look for train models for their collectible potential as well. MTH model trains offer a number of options for everyone.

What are MTH electric trains?

MTH produces a large range of model trains, including a number of collectible options under the O scale or O gauge, HO scale, and Lionel tinplate types. Some of these MTH electric-powered trains, such as the RailKing, are equipped with the distinct smoke and locomotive noise to recreate real train systems. The train and track sets are often used for model railroading as well.

What are the different model train options?

There are several options for MTH trains, once of which includes the Lionel tinplates. These units are categorized based on a scaling system that reduces the dimensions of the train sets based on the specifications of the actual locomotive. These broad train scaling categories are also used by MTH for the Lionel and other trains. The HO scale is considered a standard scale model, with a scaling system of 3.5 mm to 1 ft. The O gauge or O scale was extensively used in the middle of the 20th century and it uses a scaling system of 7 mm to 1 ft.

How do you choose an MTH train set?

While there are many train model options to choose from, here are a few ways to narrow down the choices for yourself.

  • Scale or Gauge: Train manufacturers such as MTH utilize a scaling or gauge system based on actual dimensions of diesel, steam, and electric locomotives. You can choose from trains under the basic HO scale, O scale or O gauge, S scale, N scale, and others.
  • Layout: Whether you are purchasing a Lionel tinplate, HO scale, or O gauge, the track layout should also be considered. Many utilize the standard 4 by 8 table layout to include track, buildings, scenery, and other details.
  • Details: Some sets are recreated from actual functional locomotives. Some of the reproductions that are collected for this purpose include the Lionel tinplates. These train sets are diecast models that are patterned after old steam trains.
  • Model of railroad: Some models are replicas of favorite train types and railroads. Enthusiasts of real-life trains may wish to find a specific rail car setup to use as an authentic reproduction.
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