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MTH O Scale Model Railroads and Trains

MTH electric trains creates model railroading that caters to enthusiasts who run trains on O gauge track. Participants in this hobby enjoy building on their train set and overall layout, and the company provides a number of trains and accessories to add realism to the ongoing setup. Their products include a wide variety of trains, locomotive, and car options, as well as buildings and structures that can add to the themed atmosphere that is being created.

What is MTH in model railroading?

MTH Electric Trains, formerly known as Mike's Train House, is an American company that designs, imports, and manufactures locomotives, trains, and train sets, as well as a functional and reliable engines. MTH trains are noteworthy for their extraordinary detail, their CD-quality sound, and run very smoothly at scale speeds.

What is the MTH RailKing product line?

MTH features their RailKing line of electric trains, their best-selling line. Running on O gauge track, these trains are shorter, helping them to negotiate turns in the track that are tighter than standard track layouts. The RailKing one gauge trains are 1:32 scale, and the locomotives are equipped with sound, engine smoke, and DCS command control.

Does MTH have a line from Lionel?

MTH features a wide variety of Lionel locomotives, train cars, ready-to-run train sets, track, and power plants, as well as accessories. A train set from Lionel can be found from any era, with extensive engine and car selections to choose from. In their ready-to-play train set, hobbyists that are looking for a themed train set have a wide variety of choices here as well. A few examples of Lionel train sets include Polar Express, Mickey Mouse, Frosty the Snowman, and John Deere Steam LionChief.

What is scale in model railroading?

Scale is a numerical ratio of the size of an object identical in appearance to the real object but in a smaller size. Scale figures are universally accepted by organizations and hobby groups worldwide, which helps enable hobbyists to easily identify what trains, tracks, and other components are compatible with their setup. One of the MTH trains most frequently used models in O scale is 1:48, or 1/48th the size of the original, in the U.S.

What is gauge in model railroading?

Gauge is the measure of distance from rail to rail in both real railroads as well as in model railroads. One of the most common trains today, HO scale, runs on a track gauge of 16.5mm at a scale of 1:87. In terms of O scale, rails are spaced at 32mm, or 1.25 inches apart.

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