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A Quick Guide to MIDAS Mixing Equipment

To achieve top-quality sound, you need the right mixing console. MIDAS offers a variety of mixing equipment designed for the digital age as well analog acolytes in this category offered on eBay.

What types of MIDAS consoles are available?

MIDAS offers two types of mixer consoles:

  • Digital mixers - These mixers convert analog signals into digital data, which optimizes sound processing. Digital consoles function as computers equipped with AD/DA converters, and this technology takes up less space than analog options. This means that digital mixers often have room for added features, like sound effects and dynamics processing. Digital models also let you store setups for later use.
  • Analog mixers - While digital mixers rely on computer technology to optimize sound, analog options are constructed of physical circuitry components. These hands-on models are intuitive and easy to use.
What components should you consider when choosing MIDAS equipment?

If you're shopping for MIDAS live performance equipment on eBay, consider the following:

  • Channels - Different consoles come with different numbers of input channels. Before buying, consider the equipment you'll need to connect during live performances, ranging from microphones to keyboards to guitars.
  • Mix buses - Audio elements like recording feeds and monitor mixes require lots of AUX. Choose a stereo bus that can handle your signal routing needs.
  • EQs - If you need extra control over sound shaping, you may want to select a MIDAS console with a multi-band parametric EQ feature. If not, a system with standard frequency adjustments should suit your needs.
  • Onboard effects - If you opt for an onboard processor, it cuts down on the amount of outboard gear you have to transport from gig to gig.
What special features do MIDAS consoles have?

To enhance audio performance, MIDAS consoles often come with the following features:

  • Ergonomic design - The consoles place important controls front and center and situate deeper functions in easy-to-reach areas. They are made of materials like carbon fiber and aluminum, which helps to lower total weight and enhance stability.
  • Preamps - The MIDAS brand is perhaps most famous for their preamps, which offer low harmonic distortion and high rejection ratio.
  • Studio and live recording - The brand's mixing equipment can often be used for studio and live sound recording, thanks to 48 kilohertz USB audio interfaces.
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