Dress to Kill With the M65 Field Jacket

In 1965, the U.S. Army provided its troops with a brand new field jacket model: the M65, an improvement from the M51 model from World War II, and the M43 before that. To this day, the M65 is the most widely worn army jacket among civilians, and a closet must-have for your transitional season outings. Browse eBay's listings to find the field jacket that's right for you.

M65 field jacket specifications

The original army model’s features are available on any M65 field jacket. The hood is concealed in the collar; it boasts drawstrings at the hood, waist, and hem, and the signature wire field coat zipper. It is windproof and water-resistant. Incredibly practical with its countless pockets, simple fit, and comfortable fabric, this jacket is thigh-length and slightly oversized.

Which M65 models can you buy nowadays?

As the army does not produce clothing for civilians, the M65 is now made by a variety of clothing companies. Here are a few examples of models you can buy:  

  • Vintage – Many vintage M65 field jackets are available on eBay. They have often lived through great events and many years: most display their heavy history, but some are in nearly new condition. A little research will be necessary to find your very own.
  • Alpha Industries – True to the original army standards for the M65 field jacket, Alpha Industries is one of the primary manufacturers of this army-style fall jacket. If you are looking for a new affordable version of the closest available model to that of the army, the Alpha Industries’ M65 field jacket should be on your list.
  • Buzz Rickson – Buzz Rickson, a Japanese company, reproduces the 1968 version of the M65 down to the stitches. A step up from the Alpha Industries model in quality, this is the jacket to look into if you can’t find the perfect vintage item.
  • The Real McCoy – If you are serious about acquiring a brand-new but true M65 field jacket, The Real McCoy produces an exact replica of the original M65 model using machinery and manufacturing techniques from the 1960s. It features a 100% cotton shell.

A M65 field jacket for every budget

No matter what your budget is, you can find a M65 Field jacket to suit it. eBay offers both new and used M65 field jackets at various price points. Used jackets are generally the most affordable.