Hunting Down M1 Carbine: Shopping Tips

An M1 carbine is a rifle to treasure, so you've come to eBay for the right 30 carbine stock for sale. Since you already possess basic knowledge about your weapon, the next step is to decide which stock fits your needs. Fine tune your shopping with these M1 carbine stock tips.

Searching for an M1 carbine stock for sale

M1 carbine surplus stock comes in traditional woods of birch, poplar, walnut, oak, cherry, and maple. Underwood, Saginaw Gear, Inland, IBM, Springfield, and Winchester are companies that manufactured the M1, so it is likely that your stock contains a company cartouche or stamped first letter of the manufacturer's name on the butt plate or trigger guard. If you desire a folding stock suitable for paratroopers, then the M1A1 stock for sale is for you.

Does condition matter in any M1 carbine for sale?

Yes, since a M1 carbine stock is vintage, you want to make sure that you have clarification as to normal wear and tear of age. Possible conditions include:

  • Excellent: This means that a stock saw light use, if any. All the parts are there, and the wood shows maintenance because there are no cracks. The bolt assembly cutouts remain unbarred, and any metal parts show no rust. An especially desirable find is a M1 stock with accompanying Laird Schober, Charlotte Tent & Awning, or Hamlin carbine stock pouch or carrying sling.
  • Fine: This condition means that a stock shows more use. Some rust may linger on metal parts, and the wood may show a fine crack or two.
  • Good: This means that the stock is in complete working condition, but the wood may show more cracking and the metal more rust. The sling or cleaning rod may be absent, but all engraving on a cartouche is legible.
  • Fair or as is condition: This means that the stock shows historical value or its parts may be used in other projects.
Were there changes in the M1?

Yes, you may discover that eBay contains personalized additions to the stock of owner's name, unit, or insignia to convey historical value. Since the original M1 carbine saw updates via added infrared night-vision, a bayonet lug, and select-fire capability, many current M1 owners customized their original pieces with these changes.

Are there a left and right handed M1 carbine folding stock for sale?

Yes. Any stock may configure to handedness, and one way to tell is to see if the palm swell differs. Another method is to see if the bolt hole lies in the middle or off to either side when the recoil pad is removed. A third way is to sight down the barrel to the top of the comb to determine the cast to the left or to the right.