Lululemon and Lululemon Athletica provide women with a range of yoga pants, athletic wear, and leisure clothing. If you're looking for workout gear, Lululemon is a company that offers a wide variety of selections.

What different options of Lululemon pants are there?

Whether you're looking for ballerina pinks or classic tight black leggings, your athletic wear should allow you to bend your knees, extend your legs in all directions, and move freely throughout a physically demanding workout. Here are some ways Lululemon's workout pants vary.

  • Rise: Athletic wear for women from Lululemon Athletica is available in different options such as high rise, low rise, and super high rise. Bending and twisting at the waist and hips may affect individual coverage along the waistband as you move. Your choice of rise may prevent slippage of the waistband during your workout.
  • Thickness: Pants for yoga from Lululemon come in different levels of garment thickness. It's important to determine the opacity you'd like based on the workout you'll be doing. Dynamic multicolored patterns with strong abstract designs can help distract from thinner fabric as well and may help conceal sweat.
  • Wicking: Some pants are designed to wick away moisture, a quality intended to help with comfort during a workout. Synthetic materials are typically used in these types of women's pants.
What different top variations are there?

In general, Lululemon's tops are designed to be form-fitting and comfortable tops that allow full range of arm, waist, back, and shoulder movement during a variety of workouts.

  • Form-fitting: Even though they offer loose tees as well, Lululemon's largest range of tops are tight body-hugging workout tops designed so that they don't expose the stomach, chest, or back area during a workout. This closer fit can be an important factor to consider if your workout involves head-down bending, pushups, or dynamic movement.
  • Synthetic or blend: The company's tops made from synthetics or blends are designed to keep moisture away from the body.
  • Nonbinding: Many different sleeve lengths are offered by the company, including sleeveless, racerback, short-sleeved, and long-sleeved.
What different running short options does the company offer?

The brand's running shorts have a few important features to consider.

  • Length: Because everyone prefers a different length and size in their running shorts, the company provides leg inseam lengths in 2 1/2-inch, 3-inch, 4-inch, and 6-inch sizes.
  • Fabric: The brand offers running shorts made out of their Luon and Luxtreme options, each containing different levels of breathability and other features.
  • Pockets: The company offers running shorts both with and without pockets.
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