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A Lululemon Belt Bag for Women eBay Buying Guide

Lululemon is a high-end designer that makes clothing and bags. As a result, you might be looking to buy one of their bags, but it’s a good idea to consider a few factors before you make your purchase.

The types of affordable Lululemon bags on eBay

It may come as a surprise that fanny packs or belt bags are in fashion, but you’ve probably seen them on many women and men. They are used often because they are stylish and convenient. Not to mention, you can find numerous affordable Lululemon belt bags for sale on eBay.

  • Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag: This is one of the most used styles of Lululemon bags because it’s versatile. It’s similar to a fanny pack except you can belt it over your shoulder or chest as well as your waist.
  • Lululemon Fanny Pack: If you want a convenient way to carry small items, a fanny pack works because it straps around your waist. It’s also harder to steal a fanny pack since it is strapped close to your body.
  • Other Lululemon Belt Bags: These bags range from large over-the-shoulder totes to smaller crossbody bags. You can wear them over your shoulder or chest.
  • Lululemon Gym Bag: These are backpacks and duffles that you can travel with or take to the gym.
What different designs of Lululemon bags can you find?

The Lululemon fanny pack, belt bag, and more are available in a multitude of styles, such as:

  • Leather - Leather is a durable material that is easy to clean. It’s also very chic.
  • Material blends - These bags are made from a blend of materials, and they’re often available in more prints and patterns than leather.
  • Colors - Lululemon bags come in numerous colors, including blue, black, gold, gray, turquoise, silver, two-toned, and much more.
  • Prints - Lululemon fanny packs and belt bags can have floral, tie-dyed, and various other unique patterns.
  • Size - Lululemon bags come in small, medium, and large sizes.
How to choose the right Lululemon bag for you

If you want just one Lululemon bag, you should consider what type of material will fit your lifestyle. For instance, material blends can be washed regularly, while leather can be wiped down. You may want to consider what size is good for you, too. A fanny pack might be good if you want something to carry your license, cash, and a few other items. Meanwhile, a medium-size bag is an excellent choice if you need to carry a wallet, phone, and more. If you need something that can carry many things or even clothes for the gym, a large-size Lululemon bag might be a good choice.

New Lululemon bags usually range from a lower cost for smaller bags and significantly more for small to medium bags. However, you can find authentic gently used Lululemon bags on eBay for much less than the original cost. While many of the bags are preowned, you may find several with the tags still on.

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