What to Know in a Nutshell About Lucky Strike Collectible Tobacco Cigarettes and Memorabilia

Since 1871, Lucky Strike has been making collectible tobacco cigarette memorabilia as memorable as the company's unique brand of cigarettes.

Types of Lucky Strike collectibles for sale on eBay

On eBay, you'll find several types of Lucky Strike collectibles for sale, including rare, old packs of Lucky Strike tobacco cigarettes themselves. In addition to these, you'll find vintage Lucky Strike advertising collectibles, including black and white newspaper advertisements and full-color print ads. Other types of Lucky Strike tobacco cigarettes collectibles you'll find for sale on eBay include Lucky Strike memorabilia like the following:

  • Playing cards
  • Drink coasters
  • Display cartons
  • Bridge place cards
  • Pins and buttons
How do you select Lucky Strike collectible tobacco cigarettes?

When buying collectible Lucky Strike cigarettes for sale on eBay, consider whether the package is opened or unopened, whether it's still sealed in its original cellophane wrapping, and whether it shows any visible signs of wear or damage. Beyond factors of condition, note that there are several different variations of the package design of Lucky Strike cigs. Different versions of the Lucky Strike box have the classic bullseye graphic in different colors, such as a red center sounded by a beige or gray circle, or a beige center surrounded by a red circle. The brand name printed inside the logo also appears in different styles and fonts, including white and black both with and without shadow. Other differences in old packs of Lucky Strike cigarettes include the following:

  • The Surgeon General's Warning on the side of the pack
  • The type of cigarette inside (such as Lights, Filters, or "Filter 10s")
  • The color of the bar and color and font of the word "Luckies" across the lid
  • Any additional seal embossed, stamped, or affixed to the box or cellophane wrapping
How do you select other Lucky Strike tobacco cigarettes collectibles?

There are many ways to collect affordable Lucky Strike cigs and memorabilia. You could choose to collect only advertisements from a particular period, for a particular type of Lucky Strike cigarette, or featuring a particular artist, model, or themes, such as cowboys and ranching or pin-up models. You could build an entire collection of Lucky Strike collectible memorabilia with just vintage Lucky Strike Christmas advertisements alone. If quality is more important to you than content, you may select only those new Lucky Strike tobacco collectibles in the best condition, such as framed advertisements.

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