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Lowrey Organs

In 1949, Frederick Lowrey created the first Lowrey organ, an early synthesizer that could play organ sounds from acoustic pianos. Lowrey became a large producer of electronic organs, with business on an international scale. Later, Lowrey partnered with Kawai Musical Instruments to bring virtual orchestras to the masses.

What style of music is played on a Lowrey?

Lowrey organs have a sound that is versatile enough to be used in many genres of music. Lowrey's keyboards can fill out the higher and lower end of a rock band. It can also create the signature soloist sound from the golden age of salsa. The instrument can play many other types of music, including jazz.

In fact, dozens of famous rock groups utilized and gave exposure to Lowrey organs in the 1960s and 1970s, thanks to the rise of synthesizers in the psychedelic music revolution. For example, the iconic arpeggiated intro of "Baba O'Riley" by The Who features a Lowrey organ on the "Marimba Repeat" setting.

What are the model specifications for the Marquee?

The Lowrey Marquee offers considerable versatility, with 13,210 setups and 352 styles. The possibilities are abundant, given that this model can emulate thousands of tones, including bells, flutes, pianos, and even full orchestras. The graphical interface is designed to ensure total control over the organ's sound. If you want to solo, the Lowrey Marquee model organ has an exclusive Fake It feature that allows randomized soloing with the touch of one key.

What are the model specifications for the Grand Marquee?

The Grand Marquee is one of Lowrey’s deluxe keyboard models, with a stacked sound bank of 14,030 setups. This organ is designed to offer in-depth control over the creation of your music. This version of the Marquee has the ability to equalize the music and mix it using a graphic interface. It also includes a built-in recorder.

What are the model specifications for the Inspire EY400?

The Lowrey Inspire EY400 is built for use with a more traditional organ sound. It features two 61-key upper and lower manuals, just like Ray Manzarek from The Doors used. Another feature that this Lowrey model has is its bass foot pedals. They are designed and built to bring the player a satisfying response pressure. It also has nine built-in speakers to fill out the low, mid, and high ranges, ensuring a full-sounding instrument.

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