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Dodge Ram 1500 Lowering Kits and Parts

Dodge truck owners often enjoy customizing their rides. One way to customize your Dodge Ram 1500 is by lowering the height of the suspension. There are numerous lowering kits and parts available to help you accomplish this type of modification.

What are the benefits of lowering a truck?

A lower-sitting Dodge Ram 1500 will have better aerodynamics. Less air will flow under the Dodge truck as it moves, meaning less wind resistance. This can lead to a number of benefits. It can increase your truck's fuel efficiency. It can also make the Dodge capable of reaching higher top speeds. Your control, handling, and traction will all be improved. Last of all, many Ram 1500 owners simply like the look of a lower vehicle.

What parts are required to lower a Dodge Ram?

The parts or kits you need depend on the way you choose to lower your Dodge Ram 1500. For an extreme drop of height, an axle-flip kit can take away as much as 7 inches from your suspension. Another option is to purchase and install new rear leaf springs and front coil springs. Lowering shackles can be purchased to lower just the rear end, while new spindles can be used to lower the front of your Dodge Ram 1500.

What are the differences between lowering kits and leveling kits?

Both can be used to reduce the height of your Dodge truck. The first lowers the height on both the front and rear ends, usually by modifying the shocks or other parts. A leveling kit makes the height equal on both ends. A stock Dodge Ram 1500 has a rear end that sits higher than the front. This is partially to offset any weight from hauling cargo in the bed. A level kit can drop the rear end lower to match the front of the vehicle.

How does lowering a Dodge Ram affect its towing capabilities?

Pulling trailers, boats and other items is one of the prime reasons for owning a truck. Fortunately, lowering the height of your Ram won't diminish its ability to tow. The towing capacity should remain the same when the process is completed correctly. It may even help with towing, as the lower height will aid a bit with control and handling of your Ram 1500.

Which companies make lowering kits for the Ram 1500?

There are a number of OEM Dodge and MOPAR parts available to lower your truck suspension. There are also complete kits and pieces manufactured by aftermarket companies. Here is a short list of some of the brands that make lowering kits for the Dodge Ram 1500.

  • Beltech
  • MaxTrac.
  • Eibach.
  • Classic Performance.
  • McGaughy's Suspension Parts.