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Chevrolet C10 Lower Kits Parts

Lower kits, or lowering kits, are designed to drop the suspension on vehicles like the Chevrolet C10. There are a number of different kit choices to allow you to drop the height of your pickup truck. Read on to learn more about your options.

Why lower a truck's suspension?

The height of a stock C10 truck that is available for sale is an option that is a middle ground. The height is an attempt by the manufacturer to try and accommodate the highest numbers of customers. Those who want to go on a lot of off-road terrains may want to raise the clearance on the truck higher to allow for easier passage. Those who want to keep their truck in a more urban setting with smooth roads can lower the truck. Benefits of lowering include:

  • Improved traction and handling
  • Less wind resistance or drag
  • Extra stability and a reduced rollover risk
  • Comfort and reduced bumping or rattling
What is a Chevrolet lower kit?

There is more than one way to lower the suspension of a truck. Based on the approach that you choose to take to lower your Chevrolet C10 pickup, a lowering kit can provide you with the tools and accessories you need to complete that task. Lower kits will give you what you need to complete one or more of the following tasks to achieve a lowered vehicle:

  • Moving leaf springs toward the center: Lowering shackles are tools that are used to move leaf springs. This method alone can be used to drop the suspension between 2 and 6 inches. This is typically done on the rear of the vehicle where leaf springs are traditionally located.
  • Replacing stock spindles: By using drop spindles to adjust the stock spindle height, the front of the vehicle can be lowered to the same extent that the rear can be lowered with shackles.
  • Using shorter springs: Springs in the front and back of the truck can be replaced with shorter aftermarket components designed for the specifications of your Chevrolet C10.
  • Putting springs beneath the axle: Axle flip kits are extreme lowering kits that give a drop of 7 or more inches. They allow the rear suspension to go beneath the axle. This kit requires the user to perform extensive welding, cutting, and repositioning and is most often done by those with access to professional automotive mechanic's equipment.