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All You Need to Know About Longaberger Baskets

One great place to feed your Longaberger basket collection is eBay. There are stunning assortments of baskets for sale, and you can also enjoy window shopping from your recliner. Plus, shopping on eBay lets you control what you spend on your new treasure.

What kind of Longaberger baskets can you find on eBay?

The Longaberger company has a long line of baskets that you can find on eBay. Nearly every era of their collection can be found, from the pre-1990s lot to the newer models from 2005 and beyond. The more common baskets that are used for picnics, craft items storage, and gifts are plentiful. But, if you are looking to have something a little more interesting, you can find special-shaped baskets, like cats, stars, and hearts. And instead of just the single basket, there are mixed basket collections as well.

What should you look for in a Longaberger basket?

There are a few things that you need to check into when buying a new or used Longaberger basket on eBay. First of all, know the value. You can make sure that the item you are buying is in the right price range for the product. Secondly, make sure the item is in the condition you want. Some of the baskets have plastic protective liners or lids that accompany them. Also, double check the size of the basket, just to make sure that you aren't buying a very large basket and thinking it is a tiny one and visa versa.

A few favorite Longaberger baskets on eBay

While there are thousands of listings for Longaberger baskets on eBay, there are a few favorite kinds and types that keep coming up. Those are:

  • The 1997 Sweet Treat Basket with liner and protector. This is a classic and beautiful basket. It is a perfect size for gifts and giving treats to the neighbors.
  • Longaberger Oval Market Basket and Protector. This basic is a smaller basket and doesn't have a lot of frills. But, it is just right for a utility basket for around the home or even in the car for odds and ends.
  • The 2007 Longaberger Picnic Basket with handle and liner. This is an absolute doll of a picnic basket. It is the type of basket that everyone envisions when they are going on a picnic. This classic basket is a crowd pleaser every time.
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