Keep Watch With a Long-Range Wireless Camera

When you want to keep an eye on your property, having a camera with a long range can be useful to give you a greater perspective. Affordable long range wireless cameras provide many conveniences, and you can find many choices on eBay.

What is the range on these cameras?

The typical range of a long range wireless camera is at least 100 feet. At this distance, these cameras can focus in on a specific object with good clarity. They can achieve a narrow angle of view by extending their zoom much farther than standard cameras can. They usually have a long, narrow shape, giving them the nickname "bullet cameras."

How can a long range wireless camera be adjusted?

You can either adjust them manually or remotely. Manual varifocal lenses have knobs that you have to physically turn. Youd likely have to remove any covering to access the knob. Motorized varifocal lenses can be adjusted through on-screen controls or through an app. PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) cameras are the most advanced. They can be fully adjusted up to 360 degrees remotely.

Do they require any wires?

Some long-range wireless cameras run off of power supplied by batteries. If youre considering this option, you probably want to place your camera in a place thats easy to reach so that you can change out the batteries periodically. Other cameras get power from wall outlets. They do require some sort of cable connecting them to a power source.

What are some other factors to remember?

There are some variations in the products that youll find on eBay. Differences could be associated with the following:

  • Transmission range:The range could be up to 500 feet in an open field or as low as 100 feet in a closed environment. Substances like brick, concrete, and thick walls can impede the transmission of the signal.
  • Low-light capabilities:Some products may be able to better adjust to dim conditions.
  • Motion detectors:Some cameras can be programmed to start recording only when they detect motion.
  • Cloud storage:You can find long-range security cameras that can periodically upload data to the cloud. This lets you access them at any time and from any device.
  • Image quality:Its important that you can see your video feed clearly if you want to recognize a face or read a license plate. Higher resolution cameras can do a better job of delivering crisp images to your feed. Many higher end products have a resolution of 1080p or above.