Expand Signal Strength With A Long Range WiFi Repeater

Sit outside in your yard and do work online while far away from the physical router in your home thanks to a long distance WiFi repeater. A great selection of WiFi extenders is available on eBay allowing consumers to find the model they need that is designed to easily match a booster to a router. The range of a WiFi signal no longer needs to be a limited with this type of product.

What types of devices does a WiFi extender work with?

As long as the device accepts a WiFi signal, then the device should work with the extender unit. If a particular device is not currently WiFi capable, adding a WiFi chip could fix the issue. In general, the common devices that people use with a WiFi repeater include the following:

  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Smartphones
  • Desktop computers
How does an outdoor USB WiFi receiver work?

A receiver is designed to capture a WiFi signal that is sent from a large distance away, and it connects to a router via a long USB cable. The receiver also comes with an antenna connected to it that picks up on the weak WiFi signal. The receiver/antenna combo remains outside a home and is affixed to a stable structure. The combo is designed in such a way that it allows the system to withstand troubling weather conditions.

How far will a boosted WiFi signal travel outside?

Typically, a standalone WiFi signal travels about 300 feet outdoors. With a booster extending the signal, the actual travel distance increases significantly more. How far the signal increases depends on the particular model. A boosted signal could travel upwards of a mile -- 5,280 feet. Another model could extend the distance further. Increases of 9,842 feet/3,000 meters are possible. Please refer to the extender's product specifications for the actual extension range. eBay offers scores of different extenders/boosters for sale so finding an appropriate one won't come with difficulties.

What is the transmission rate on an outdoor WiFi extender?

Transmission rate refers to the actual speed that that data transmits on the WiFi signal. Transmission rates are noted in the form of megabits per second (Mbps). The actual data transmission speed on an extender varies. Models sold on eBay present transmission speeds of 150Mpps, 300Mbps, and more. The variety available on eBay is enough that consumers won't have trouble locating a preferred transmission speed.