Cosy and stylish living room rugs & carpets

A rug covers hard floors and gives you the warmth of a carpet, yet you can easily remove it to hoover the floor. Stylish and easy to clean, rugs offer the best of both worlds. There are thousands of living room rugs and carpets on eBay. Whether you want a focal point for your living room or to refresh the decor quickly and cost-effectively, there's a rug for you. 

colors and designs

Patterned or plain, one color or multicolored, the choice is endless. A boldly patterned monochrome rug enhances a minimalistic living room and gives a contemporary finish. Black and white not your thing? Why not choose a brightly colored rug to clash with the colors of the walls and furniture? 

Classic styles will never go out of fashion, and you can't go wrong with a traditional Persian rug. If you like the vintage look, you can even buy rugs that are faded to give a worn appearance, perfect for a shabby chic living room. 

Shapes and sizes

Most of the rugs on eBay are rectangular or square. The benefit of this shape rug is that it will easily slot into nearly any shape or size of. Faux-animal skin rugs usually have an irregular shape to mimic the look of being made from a real animal. Placing this kind of living room rug in front of the sofa keeps toes toasty and warm. 

If you want a rug to go in front of the fireplace, a narrower, hard-wearing material is a good idea. You can rest assured that when you place the log basket next to the fireplace it won't mark the floor. 

Non-slip backing

If your rug is for a polished floor, be aware that it tends to move. The easiest and safest way to prevent this is to choose a rug with a non-slip backing. You can also find rugs which are resistant to turning up at the edges and corners which can help reduce the risk of tripping.