Enliven Your Fish Tank With Live Plants

Ebay aquarium plants supply the deep need for a natural environment for fish as the plants release nutrients into common aquarium water. From willowy sword plants waving in the current to velvety marimo balls, plants soothe nervous fish as they swim for cover among the plants. Live aquarium plants for sale on eBay allow you to succeed in making the most out of a proper home for your finny friends.

Choose plants to suit different species of fish

The mangrove plant thrives in both saltwater and freshwater aquariums because it is a coastal plant in the wild as it harbors young fish fry and older small fish. Your danios and tetras can flash in and out between the prop roots just like in natural environments. The bright green marimo moss balls provide shelter and stability for the youngest hatchlings as they learn to swim in aquarium currents, and your shrimp and bettas in particular love to nibble on the marimo moss. Snails also love cruising the marimo moss as they feed.

Do live aquarium plants for sale require special handling or shipping?

Aquarium live plants arrive at your home in plastic containers with a small amount of water to stabilize their condition. After you carefully slit the plastic, your plant is ready to settle into its new home. Some plants, such as the mangrove, require no substrate although others need gravel to root into. Just a small stone weighing down the sword plant is enough to keep it in place until it roots itself.

Proper lighting for a fish tank

Ambient light in your home is enough for aquarium plants most of the time. Some plants thrive better with an aquarium fluorescent or LED light turned on during the day and for a short time in the evening. A larger amount of light, such as that found near a window, could lead to more algae growth than desirable. In this case, a pleco fish will aid in keeping down excessive algae growth. Inexpensive aquarium plants make a world of difference between a fish tank merely holding fish and a natural-seeming environmental display.

How do live aquarium plants add interest to a collection of fish?

Aquarium plants for sale on eBay add places for shy fish to hide and more gregarious species to track through to search for food. If you sprinkle fish food atop a plant, the fish act as they do in nature and gather mouthfuls of flakes or track down brine shrimp or blood worm larvae as the live food clings to the plant surfaces. Plants supplement the oxygen level, remove nitrates, and improve water quality.