Littmann Stethoscopes are used by many different professionals, such as physicians and veterinarians, to assess both human patients and animals. Using a stethoscope, doctors, veterinarians, and other health professionals can listen to various human and animal body sounds to help diagnose or treat various conditions.

What are the different components of a stethoscope?

Stethoscopes consist of several pieces. The chest piece refers to the diaphragm. This part is placed directly over the area of the patient you wish to listen to. You may want to listen to the heart, assess breathing and lung sounds, or auscultate bowel tones. Some classic Littmann Stethoscopes have a dual-sided chest piece while others have only one. The smaller side is the bell and can be used to listen to pediatric patients, thinner patients, or small animals.

The stem is what connects the chest piece to the tubing. Littmann tubing is designed to withstand oils from skin and alcohol swabs. They are also latex-free and each Littmann Cardiology stethoscope has double lumen tubing to reduce rubbing noises.

The ear tubes have been designed to rest at an anatomically correct angle for fit and comfort. They have been crafted from aerospace aluminum to reduce their weight and increase their strength and durability. The ear tips are removable and snap on tightly to provide a comfortable fit while canceling ambient noise levels, allowing you to focus on your assessment.

How do you choose the right model?

Littmann has several different main models to choose from.

  • The Littmann Classic comes in several options, including the Littmann Classic II and the Littmann Classic III. These stethoscopes allow for use in a wide variety of areas, such as cardiology, pediatrics, and veterinary medicine.
  • The Littmann Cardiology Stethoscope is designed to be sensitive acoustically. This is key in the detailed auscultation of heart sounds.
  • The Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope is highly sensitive to acoustic sounds, such as those produced by the heart and lung.
  • The Littmann Lightweight Stethoscope was created to take blood pressure readings and perform limited patient assessments.
What other features are found in Littmann Stethoscopes?

Stethoscope tubing is available in a vast array of colors, such as red, blue, green, black, pink, gray, brown, orange, and yellow. Chest pieces are also available in different finishes such as matte or shiny black, copper, rainbow, champagne, mirror, stainless steel, smoke, and alloy.

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