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Littlest Pet Shop Toys

Girls young and old can dive into the world of Littlest Pet Shop with loads of quirky, cute pets and style sets, which include Style Sets, Scene Style Sets, Themed Play Packs, and lots of cute, colorful pets. There are easy-to-build systems that let girls create, decorate, style, and collect to tell their own unique stories.

Reimaging of Littlest Pet Shop

In 2005, toy designer Gayle Middleton redesigned Littlest Pet Shop for Hasbro, bringing a new look mixing the modern with traditional. The animals were given big, vulnerable eyes made popular by Japanese animation. Designers toned down the pink packaging and went with more purple and green.

Original Characters

Pets for the original Littlest Pet Shop ensemble include, Happy Puppy, a - Dalmatian that came with a light blue pet carrier, ID tag, a food dish, and a magnetized brush that, when moved in front of the pet's tummy, would cause his tail to wag. Also part of the bunch were playful kittens, which included a golden kitty and grey-point white kitty, hurrying hamsters, a toucan, chameleon, puppy trio, bunny, and gerbils. In addition to the animals, the Pet Shop came with a variety of accessories and two caged lovebirds that would "kiss" when a lever moved. Families were also available including a bunny, cat, or dog. Each family consisted of a mother and several babies. The mother's belly was magnetized, and a few of the babies contained magnets to create the "nursing" effect. Chattering pets were also available in sets including the forest creature set, the purring kitties set, and the birds set. The forest creatures set included a skunk, a raccoon, a squirrel, a tree, and accessories. The kitty set included three cats and a kitty condo that featured a purring function. The bird set included four-five cockatoo-like birds and a clear "glass" cage. Toward the end of the Littlest Pet shop production, the line began to branch out into more diverse sets with the Littlest Pet Shop Zoo that had an entirely different set of LPS animals. Some of the animals available included a zebra, polar pals, honey bear, leopard, tiger, elephant, ducks, and a lion.

Littlest Pet Shop VIPs

Littlest Pet Shop 'VIPs' (Virtual Interactive Pets) were released in 2007 on the 12th of August. The "cuddliest pets on the net" enable tween girls to visit an online world with their adorable Littlest Pet Shop VIP toy. By finding the "secret code" hidden in the toy's collar, the girls can access a virtual land where they can play games, decorate their house and purchase clothes for their VIP pet using the currency of "kibble" points.

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