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  • European Carpet Types - Spain Portugal England France / Scarce Illustrated Book

    In England, for instance, the long-established art of embroidery influenced the design and production of fine needlework carpets in the 16th and 17th centuries. 5.3” x 7.7” hardback with dust cover in very good condition.
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  • New ListingHCDJ Book Lace and Bobbins T.L Huetson 1973 History Collectors Guide Ill.

    Hard cover book with a dust jacket, T.L. Huetson Lace and Bobbins, a history and collector's guide. in used condition. Book is in good condition. There are 187 pages with illustrations and definitions.
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  • Antique World Carpets Rugs - Types Origins Makers (500+ Photos) / Oversize Book

    This book is “a complete guide to the major rug making areas of the world. Lavishly illustrated in color and black and white, it discusses the history of the craft in all the major centers of production, gives an area by area account of all the main types, and also describes the carpet market, with hints on how to judge and buy.
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  • European American Rugs Carpets incl. Spain France UK Scandinavia Greece / Book

    "The history of western or Occidental design begins in Spain during the early fifteenth century when Christian motifs or symbols began to pervade those formalized geometric and floral designs of the Orient.
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  • European American Antique Carpets Rugs - Types Makers / In-Depth Illustratd Book

    This comprehensive book is an updated edition of an early, very competent book on the subject. The American author naturally gives prominence to the production of her own country, and both hand-made and machine-produced rugs and carpets are thoroughly covered.
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  • Bibliography of Books on Antique Needlework Embroidery Needle Crafts

    “Needlework. A Selected Bibliography with Special Reference to Embroidery and Needlepoint”. An indispensable reference to historical studies, collection catalogs and instructional books on many types of needlework, with extensively annotated entries describing the contents of 475 titles.
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  • Vintage Chenille Collectors ID Price Guide - Bedspreads & More

    A price guide is included in the captions. An introduction acquaints readers with the wonderful story of chenille: its birth just over a century ago in the southern town of Dalton, Georgia, and the rise of Dalton to prominence in the tufted spread and later the carpet industry.
  • New ListingBook of Fine Linen Vintage Heirloom Household Fabrics Collector Reference

    This lively text introduces heirloom household fabrics, their use, manufacture, embellishments, and care, as well as the infinite variety of fibers and materials used. The author explains how they serve as both unusually revealing testaments of the history of daily life and quintessential examples of the weaver's craft, often so magnificently decorated that they rival works of art.
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  • Handkerchief Hankie Printed & Lace ID Book

    Collecting pretty handkerchiefs has become a wide-spread and popular hobby for many people. Over 400 color photographs and a lively and factual text present hankies from both historical and design points of view.
  • Contemporary Hooked Rugs book Antique Vintage Primitive

    These meticulously crafted and often evocative rugs all relate to specific themes or series. Some were made by a group of artists joining together to complete a theme-related project, others are part of a series or theme explored by an individual artist.
  • Collecting Handkerchiefs Book Vintage Hankie Textiles

    Whether a souvenir of a memorable occasion or a memento from a loved one, this author shows that all are worth preserving. Organized by theme, hundreds of handkerchiefs are shown in over 300 color photographs representing over 30 states, major cities, popular tourist destinations, and many continents.
  • Caucasus Flat-woven Rugs & Textiles book

    (SO in SKU Categorical generated 2017-09-17). Book Title: Flat-woven Rugs & Textiles from the Caucasus. The origins of these pieces are discussed through comparisons with artifacts in the Russian Ethnographic Museum in St. Petersburg.
  • Japanese Childrens Fabrics ID$ Book Anime Vintage

    This book will take you on an unforgettable comic adventure through the colorful and cute imaginations of mid-century Japanese textile designers. Travel on the hem of fun and vibrant children's manga or illustration, translated into fabric designs.
  • Book Vintage Victorian Textiles Pillows Emboidery

    Textiles are an important part of any interior, but one that is frequently overlooked in restorations. Period textiles on everything from Victorian footstools to portieres are given an inspiring display in the elegant photography by Linda Svendsen.
  • Oriental Rug Book Persian Chinese Turkey

    The text also provides essential rug-buying tips and recommendations for rug care. Values are provided in the captions. Book Title: Oriental Rugs from A to Z. You won't receive heavily thumbed shelf copies from us!
  • Old Linens ID Book LaceTablecloths Runners Coverlet Etc

    Written for both the novice antiquer and the experienced dealer! Collecting More Household Linens. Book Title: Collecting More Household Linens with Values. You'll even find early factory-made fabrics, a breakthrough for homemakers of the time.
  • Tablecloth book Vintage Antique Lace Linen Pink $

    Thousands of tablecloth manufacturers from the 1930s to early 1960s produced countless styles of popular printed tablecloths in various colors, fabrics, and themes. This book identifies not only who produced your favorite tablecloths, but when they were made.
  • Oriental Rug Buying & Care Guide Book Persian India Etc

    Buying an Oriental rug need not be confusing. Nearly 900 contemporary rugs are shown and discussed from Tibet, India, China, Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran. Learn their history, production methods, selection guidlines, and tips on care and cleaning.
  • Hooked on Rugs Book Contemporary Hooking Art Textile

    Rug hooking is an art form that's a joy to create. Contemporary hooking artists from all over the U.S., Canada, and beyond present hooked abstract designs, animals, commemorative pieces, landscapes, portraits, nautical themes, traditional patterns, and primitive styles.
  • Amish Quilts of Lancaster County Book Antique Vintage Patterns

    Enjoy the bold design and glowing colors of Amish quilts, specifically the 82 Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Amish quilts formerly known as the Esprit collection. These quilts have been exhibited worldwide in major museums and venues and now have come home to Lancaster.
  • Antique Toile Fabric Design ID Book US Europe

    The toile patterns are grouped by their distinctive themes: country life, romance, recreation, transportation, chinoiserie, classical myths, literary works, and American motifs. Everyone who loves toile fabrics will love this luscious book!
  • Vintage Antique Blanket book Coverlet Bedcover ID Quilt

    These antique woven bedcovers, with their graphic and colorful images of trains, animals, buildings, heroes and patriotic symbols, provide a wonderful and perhaps unique snapshot of the bright optimism that was the 19th-century spirit of America.
  • Vintage Feed Sacks Collector Reference Farm Textiles 500 Examples

    Feast your eyes on these fascinating fabrics! Cherished by America's farmers for years, cloth feed sacks are part of America's rural history and are now entering the marketplace as hot collectibles.
  • Vintage Linen ID$ Book Doilies Lace Tablecloth Etc

    Centerpieces and doilies are probably the best known of household linens because so many were made through the years, and the author makes it easy to identify the many varieties. Perfect for the experienced collector as well as for the novice, this book covers all the details, beginning with the origins of handmade linens and encompassing afghans, altar cloths, curtains and shade pulls, and bedspreads; subjects which have not been covered before because they have only recently become very collectible.
  • Fraktur Folk Art Family Book Motifs Artists

    For centuries, these cherished hand-written and watercolor decorated paper manuscripts have embodied a richness of tradition and culture, blending text with riotous color and Pennsylvania Dutch design.
  • Vintage Linen ID$$ Book Lace Tablecloth Quaker Needle

    Heirloom household linens embody decades of culture and tradition to bring elegance and comfort into the home. To aid in identification, the book is organized alphabetically, so beginners, collectors, and discerning decorators can identify variations from handmade knit lace to machine-made eyelet embroidery, from fine linen sheets to factory made bureau scarves.
  • Antique Linen Book Damask Emboidery Lace MORE

    Whether you are a long-time collector or have recently inherited linens and simply want to know more about them, this guide will help you better understand their function and value. Organized alphabetically by type of linen, the book features over 300 beautiful photographs of tablecloths, towels, napkins, pot holders, placemats, curtains, doilies, runners, bed covers, boudoir cases, bureau scarves, pillowcases, lingerie envelopes, and many more.
  • Oregon Trail Quilts Book History Vintage Antique 1800s

    The book features 56 quilts made before, during, and after the journey west, as well as new information about the role of women in their communities. Multiple appendices relate trail conditions, an analysis of the quilts, letters and narrations of the Trail experience, and available resource locations.
  • Vintage Japanese Anime Linens 1970s - Present Collectors Guide w Magna Artists

    Japanese Anime Linens 1970s to Present by: Anita Yasuda. Book Title: Japanese Anime Linens 1970s to Present With Price Guide. This book is sure to delight fabric collectors, sewing enthusiasts, designers, fabric historians, and those who simply love Japanese anime and manga.
    Was: Previous Price$34.95
  • Vintage Elegant Table Linens 1920s-1984 Colorful Textiles - Collector Reference

    The bold and beautifully executed patterns stand out as art of the highest quality. Their inks and dyes, as well as their base fabrics, were exceptional. This fascinating and important book is for professional textile designers, historians, dealers, and collectors alike.
  • Vintage Gingham Aprons of 1940s & '50s - Collector Guide Checkered & Cross Stich

    Far from having a checkered past, gingham aprons were popular kitchen fashions in the mid-twentieth century. This charming volume of over 300 full color photographs is devoted to beautiful, meticulously handcrafted garments in a myriad of designs: unpretentious, complicated, serious, and whimsical.
  • Vintage Tablecloths Collector Guide 1940s-1950s Colorful Linens Antique Textiles

    Organized by decades, the book covers the history of the printed tablecloth from the 1700s to the 1950s, and presents the social and political influences on period designs and styles. It includes sections on how to date your tablecloths, spotting reproductions, and information about major manufacturers.
  • Vintage Aprons of Mid-Twentieth Century Collector ID Guide 1940s-1950s

    Frilly, lacy, sweet, and sexy--aprons defined a generation of happy housewives and hostesses. Separate sections are devoted to gingham, floral designs, rickrack, handkerchief aprons, plaids and stripes, and polka dots.
  • Vintage 40s 50s Era Kitchen Tablecloths Collector Guide Colorful Textile Prints

    More Terrific Tablecloths by: Loretta Smith Fehling. Book Title: More Terrific Tablecloths. This book captures a rich part of our textile history. The brightly colored fruit and flower designs, Mexican motifs, ivy and foliage prints, and Pennsylvania Dutch-influenced patterns are sure to whisk you back to Mom's or Grandma's kitchen.
  • Guide to Lace and Linens, Elizabeth M. Kurella Book

    The book is previously owned. The edges of the cover are slightly curled. I have seen no tears, writing, or stains. There are 223 pages filled with information for identifying, using, wearing, collecting, or studying fine lace.
  • Collecting Hooked Rugs Book Vintage Wool Folk Hooking

    Pleasing to the eye and gentle on the foot, few can resist the charm of a hand-hooked rug or ignore the fact that the prices of hooked rugs have steadily risen over the past 30 years. Sought after by collectors, antique dealers, rug hookers, textile enthusiasts, folk art lovers, and interior decorators, the rugs documented in this book, complete with over 400 color photos, make it a must-have for all who admire these versatile floor and wall coverings.
  • Modern Hooked Rugs Collectors Reference - Wool Folk Art, Floral Icons & More

    They are rugs made by a group of artists exploring a common theme, as well as series or topic-related rugs by individual artists. Among the many subjects included are rugs from The American Folk Art Museum's "Icons of America" contest, "Circus Train" rugs from the Green Mountain Rug Hooking Guild, "Art Hits the Wall," from a Canadian fiber exhibit, "A Boy From Orient" by Gail Horton, and many more.
    Was: Previous Price$29.95
  • Antique French Linen Collectors ID$ Guide incl Tapestry Doilies Lace Textiles

    In the past ten years, antique textiles, especially those from France, have become very popular for interior decoration. In her easy-to-read style, the author gives a basic history of French textiles from the Middle Ages to Art Deco.
  • Vintage Colorful Terry Cloth Collector Guide w/ Textiles Beachwear Clothing Etc

    Terry cloth was once relegated to towels for the kitchen and bathroom, but, after World War II, it was embraced as a bold, colorful, and comfortable fabric for everything from beachwear to evening wear.
  • Southeast Asian Textiles Collector Care Guide incl Indonesian Batik Ikat Fabric

    The exquisite diversity of textiles in this book will fascinate all who behold them! Southeast Asian textiles have long been recognized on the world's international market as superb examples of textile art.
  • Antique Lace Collector ID Guide Victorian Needlepoint Tatting Bobbin Lace & More

    Lace, like silver or porcelain, can be classified by type and its date and place of origin often can be identified. But in the absence of marks giving maker or date, lace must be judged on its technical features and style.
  • 1900s Era Vintage Linens & Lace Collectors ID Guide - Tablecloths, Doily & More

    20th Century Linens & Lace: ID, Care & Prices of Household Linens, by Scofield, Zalamea. Book Title: 20th Century Linens and Lace: A Guide to Identification, Care, and Prices of Household Linens, With Value Guide.
  • Tradition and Beyond: Handcrafted Indian Textiles

    Warps and wefts underwent a transformation, with assorted weaves being combined to produce "new from the old.". The hundred and forty outstanding textiles represented in this book were selected from fifteen hundred especially commissioned from master weavers and craftsmen all of the country during the same decade.
  • 1890s Butterick Trade Catalog of Sewing Shears and Scissors - Sewing Tools

    An interesting catalog of sewing-related tools, including button-hole cutters, manicure tools, embroidery scissors, “champion cheap scissors”, surgical scissors, tailors’ points scissors, straight and bent shears, silk scissors, and “The Hummer”, a folding pocket scissor.
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  • New HAWAIIAN SHIRT DESIGNS by Nancy Schiffer - Rayon

    Author Nancy Schiffer. Publisher Schiffer Publications, 1997. Hawaiian Shirt Designs. Beautiful and wild print shirts evolved from the special culture of Hawaii, a paradise of mild climate, clean water, and abundant flowers.
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