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Lincoln Car and Truck Emblems

Car logos or truck emblems are used by a car company to identify a brand. Emblems and logos are placed by the manufacturer in specific locations on a car or truck, oftentimes on a fender or grille. The black and chrome emblem design used on Lincoln's cars and trucks is no exception, with the logo representing a company standard and tradition dating back to 1917.

How is an emblem or logo removed from a car/truck?

A few types of car logos located on the grille of some car/truck models, you may have to unfasten bolts that are used to secure the car logo to the grille. However, many car logos are fastened to the vehicle with double-sided tape, and you can remove the logo from your car or truck with a hairdryer as follows.

  • Use the hair dryer to heat the logo.
  • Once the logo is loose, remove with your fingers.
  • If that is difficult, wedge dental floss between the logo and the car or truck surface.
How do you clean adhesive left behind from truck emblems?

Emblems and logos are secured to a car or truck with the use of tape that may leave a thick residue where the emblem or logo was. Follow these steps to remove the residue.

  1. Use your fingernail/fingertips to remove most of the car logo's residue.
  2. Use an adhesive remover to clean the remaining residue.
  3. Apply a compound that will remove contaminants from the area just cleaned.
  4. Apply a coat of wax to restore and protect the area where the emblem or logo was once located.
Can you use Plastic-dip to change colors on logos?

Plasti-dip can be used to change the black and chrome colors of Lincoln's car logos. Follow the steps listed below to paint the black and chrome emblems/logos, including those car logos on the grille.

  1. Clean and degrease the emblem and area around it.
  2. Mask off the area around the emblem/logo.
  3. Paint the masked off area, following the company's directions for product use.
  4. Unmask the area, pulling the tape away from the freshly painted car logos.
  5. Remove overspray from between letter and symbol details using a toothpick or wooden coffee stirrer.
Can you purchase customized car logos designed for Lincoln vehicles?

If you are looking to do more than paint your black and chrome Lincoln emblem a different color such as solid black, there are customized products available for your car or truck. These products can mimic the design already used on your car or can change it. Aftermarket car manufacturers offer products that are not only different in color but also materials, such as carbon fiber, for the car symbol.

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