Frequent Questions about Lightning to HDMI Adapters and Cables

If you own an Apple product like the iPhone or iPad, you can find yourself in need of a cable that can connect Apple's Lightning to HDMI ports in order to stream a video feed for presentations or home theaters. Fortunately, there are plenty of adapters on eBay designed to bridge the gap between these two video interfaces.

Why is there a second connector on some lightning adapters?

Many lightning to HDMI adapters include a USB connector that can be used to charge mobile devices while the lightning port is being used to send video to a display. This allows you to stream from your mobile device for long periods of time without worrying about its battery running out of charge.

What types of lightning port adapters are there?

There are adapters made both by Apple and third parties that can act as a bridge between your Lightning connector and other electronic devices that use HDMI as a video interface.

  • OEM Lightning to HDMI adapter: Apple's adapter consists of a Lightning connector on one end and a module on the other with an HDMI and USB port. This allows you to both charge your iPhone while it streams video to HDMI.
  • Third party lightning to HDMI adapters: You can find cables made by other suppliers with the same functionality as Apple's adapter. They often consist of an HDMI connector with a Lightning and USB cable connected to it, allowing them to reach a display without the need of a separate cable.
  • Lightning to many video connectors: There are also adapters designed to accommodate most of the video connectors you're likely to encounter, providing HDMI, VGA, AV, and USB ports with a single adapter.
How is a lightning to HDMI adapter used?

Depending on the length and design of your adapter, you may need separate USB or HDMI cables. Once you have all the cables you need, follow these steps:

  1. Plug your adapter into the lightning port on your Apple device. On mobile devices, it's the port you use to charge its battery.
  2. Connect the HDMI connector on the adapter to the display you want to use. If you need a separate cable, connect it to the display's HDMI port and your adapter's HDMI port.
  3. Connect a USB cable between the adapter and a charger if you need to charge your Apple device while you stream video.