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Installing Lift Kit Parts for Your Silverado 1500 Will Elevate Your Ride

Become the king of the road in a lifted GMC Chevy Silverado 1500. Whether you want to be able to handle off-road adventures, carry more stuff, or just see around your neighbors, having a lift kit installed on your truck can make all the difference in the world. These kits are available to buy and sell on eBay.

What are lift kits for a Chevrolet 1500?

These kits are designed to elevate the height of your truck. You can raise the height, or you can level the truck by the use of leveling kits. They will typically include all the parts needed to lift the vehicle. Sometimes you may need to adjust the tail lights and headlights after the lift. While you are adding these enhancements, you may want to add additional items like a new grille, tonneau, or even distinctive floor mats.

What are the benefits of having a Chevrolet 1500 lifted?

Lift kits make towing much easier and can afford more visibility while towing. Lift kits also can help with payloads if you are loading down your truck with a lot of heavy items. You will always have a great view of the road ahead and behind, which can help you to avoid possible accidents.

What types of lift kits are there?

There are two types of lift kits available for your GMC Chevy Silverado 1500. A suspension lift kit alters or replaces the existing suspension system's shocks and leaf springs to provide the exact lift height you want your truck to attain. A body lift kit adds a set amount of increased inches to the body, usually from 1 to 3 inches, and does not alter the suspension system. Alternately, leveling kits are designed to provide the same front and rear elevations.

What are the components of a lift kit?

Most lift kits have all the parts you will need to install the kit onto your truck. These are some of the common pieces that are included in either suspension or body lift kits:

  • Torsion bar keys: The keys that are included in a lift kit are designed differently than the standard torsion keys on the truck. These keys work on the torsion bar to raise it to a higher elevation than is possible by adjusting the existing bar keys.
  • Coil spring spacers: Adding spacers to a coil suspension system will add height to the vehicle.
  • Blocks: Blocks are used instead of coil spring spacers to lift the suspension.
  • Shocks: Shocks may be included if part of the lift is accomplished by new shocks.
  • Add-a-leaf: These leafs are placed between the pre-existing leafs and rebound springs on the rear axle.
  • U-bolts: U-bolts are used in conjunction with the blocks.
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