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Ford F-150 Lift Kits and Parts

The Ford F-150 is one of the premier truck brands from Ford. It comes in many different types, including 4WD and with upgraded shocks and suspension systems. Those who want to improve their suspension further and keep their shocks from damage often use leveling equipment or lift kits for their Ford F-150.

What do suspension lift kits do for a Ford F-150?

Lift kits are designed to lift your suspension off of the ground and provide more clearance for it. Kits like these are available for multiple kinds of vehicles, including the Ford F-150. They can be used for leveling the ride of a truck and require the use of several springs to lift the suspension.

There are several reasons why a Ford F-150 owner installs one of these kits on their vehicle. First of all, it helps to improve the factory suspension and shocks by providing them with a higher degree of leveling. Beyond that, it also increases the strength of the coils in a Ford. These kits are usually installed directly to the wheels and create a higher and safer ride for drivers. The ability to utilize taller tires and still maintain appropriate clearance is the main reason to lift a truck.

What elements are in a suspension lift kit?

Lift kits have many different elements that are necessary to understand. They may vary slightly depending on the drive of your vehicle. For example, a 4WD vehicle is likely to have slightly different parts on its lift. That's because a 4WD has a slightly different system than a 2WD. Usually, a 4WD has stronger shocks and springs that are more resistant to the wear and tear that are expected from rough terrain. That said, you should still find many of the same Ford parts and springs for improving your lift. For example, you will have springs, coils, improved shocks, ball joints, casters, control arms, and a leaf spring. Other components include idler arms, power steering pumps, steering racks, wheels for controlling your lift, strut bars, sway bars, and spacers. You may also have superlift tools, U-bolts, and tie rods. All of these elements are simple to install on a Ford or other kinds of trucks and provide your Ford F-150 with the increased lift that you want.

What considerations are important when installing a lift kit?

When installing this kind of kit on your truck, there are several important considerations you need to make. First, you have to position your suspension lift kit properly. For example, you can add extra lift to the front, rear, right, and left sides of the truck. Make sure that you pick a kit that meets these needs by reading its part box and seeing which side it helps to raise. You also need to choose a suspension lift kit based on the clearance it grants your Ford. This measurement is usually counted in inches and can go as high as 4 inches. The lowest you can get for this car is 1.5 inches. Before adding them to your car, it is also important to take the time to look at the schematic of your wheel layout. This act will ensure you get everything installed properly.

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