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Lifetime Basketball Backboard Systems

The Lifetime basketball company makes a variety of styles of basketball backboards. These systems are designed using materials with the elements and the outdoors in mind.

What comes with each backboard system?

Each full Lifetime basketball backboard system comes with a backboard, rim, and net. You also have the option of choosing additional items, such as a mounting pole or breakaway rim. The breakaway rim allows for players to dunk.

What types of hoops are available?

From portable hoops to full-size regulation rims for your outdoor courts, there are many options to create a backboard system.

The portable hoop can be filled at the base with water, sand, or rocks to prevent it from tipping. Lifetime creates portable hoops that are installed on a roller system so you can move them from place to place. You can also choose a permanent hoop that is installed directly into the ground or on another solid surface, like a tree or garage. This enables play without movement of the backboard. If you choose to install an in-ground backboard, you may require additional supplies, such as cement and rebar, or you may choose to install a ground sleeve to reap the benefits of an in-ground system without the permanence.

Are there different sizes of basketball hoops?

Lifetime has many basketball hoops that can be lowered or risen to give every player the challenge they want. These types of backboards are both portable and permanent. To change the height of the movable goal, you will need to pull down or push up on a lever, and then raise and lower the height as desired.

What are Lifetime backboard systems made from?

Lifetime chooses specific materials to create its backboard systems. These materials include acrylic, tempered glass, and poles made from powder-coated steel. Other basketball hoop materials include polycarbonate and high-density polyethylene. The cost of the backboard system is typically determined by the size of the system as well as the materials used to create it.

What are some additional backboard supplies to consider?

Along with the backboard and hoop, you may want to consider accessories to enhance your experience, or replacement parts if necessary. These include pole pads, ground sleeves, nets and rims, and conversion kits. You may opt to purchase Lifetime basketballs that complement the brand's basketball hoops and rims, or you may purchase a specific rim meant for slam dunks. A court marking kit helps you to create your own court.

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