Safe Driving with a License Plate Camera

Take a look around just about any parking lot, and you'll see many vehicles with a big dent in the back bumper. It's all too easy to hit something when backing up because you don't have a clear view of what's behind you. Fortunately, a license plate camera, available on eBay, can provide an easy way to help eliminate blind spots and increase safety.

How do you choose a backup camera?

When shopping for a license plate backup camera on eBay, you'll have a variety of options. Learn about the various options and determine which ones will be able to meet your specific needs. Some people prefer a large monitor, IR night vision, or a camera that can display multiple angles. Other options include camera resolution as well as wired and wireless systems. Some of the top features include the following:

  • Multiple angle display - A single camera can allow you to view multiple angles. This feature can be handy for drivers who tend to find themselves in a variety of different situations. This type of camera can give you a top-down view, a wide-angle view, or the standard rear view.
  • IR night vision - A backup camera with infrared lights can significantly enhance nighttime viewing.
  • Screen size - A larger screen is typically easier to view than a smaller screen, but a smaller screen can be mounted just about anywhere.
  • Distance scale lines - Distance scale lines can help you get a better understanding of how far an object is from your vehicle.
  • Waterproof and anti-fog - A camera that is waterproof with anti-fog features will help you see even in rainy weather.
What's the difference between hardwired and wireless license plate cameras?

Whether you choose a hardwired system or a wireless system will depend on how you want the camera installed. Regardless of whether you choose hardwired or wireless, the camera and monitor will both need a 12-volt power source. The difference between the two systems is that the wired system will also have a video cable that runs between the camera and the monitor. The wireless system transmits a digital signal, so no video cable is necessary.

How does an IR night vision camera work?

All objects emit infrared or heat energy. An infrared camera detects and measures the infrared energy of an object, then converts it into an electronic signal. Through a series of pre-programmed processes in the camera, the electronic signal is then converted into a thermal image. It is this thermal image that is displayed on the monitor for the license plate camera.