Discover the Magical LG Magic Remote

When you use your LG smart TV, you want to have an immersive experience with a remote control that seamlessly connects you to your TV. Whether the set is at home or at work, the LG Magic Remote is the original remote control designed for the LG smart TV. If your remote has been misplaced or broken, eBay lists a wide variety of LG remote models for you to choose from.

How to find out if the remote is compatible with your TV?

Since its first appearance in 2012, LG has produced a new model of the Magic Remote every year, specifically compatible with the smart TVs manufactured during that model year. You can consult your user’s manual to find out which remote your LG TV uses, or check the manufacturer’s website for a full list of compatible models. You can find the model number on a sticker at the back of your LG TV.

What can the LG Magic Remote do?

Given that your remote is compatible with the LG TV that you are using, the remote has several capabilities. Here is what you need to know about the features of the LG Magic Remote:

  • Intuitive mouse pointing: Simply point and click the remote to select items of your choice or hold down the mouse button to drag and drop information.
  • Intelligent voice recognition: Easily give your LG TV instructions, even when your hands are occupied.
  • Universal remote: Synchronise your Magic Remote with other devices, such as a set top box, and do away with the need for multiple remote controls.
  • Wheel: Wheel control allows the user to scroll through information in a natural motion.
How is the universal remote feature configured?

To take advantage of the universal control feature, all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  • First, press the ‘home’ button on the remote, then click ‘device connector’, then select the type of device you would like to synchronise with on your LG smart TV screen.
  • Choose the input port that the device is connected to on your TV, confirm other required information, then click the ‘next’ button.
  • Click the on-screen buttons under ‘Remote Type 1’ to find out if it will control your device, then do the same for the ‘Remote Type 2’ section.
  • If these function properly, you can proceed to select further options to make your remote more useful for that device.