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Lexus Car and Truck Repair Manuals and Literature

While they aren't exciting reading, a vehicle's owners manual is filled with valuable instructions, advice, information, and details about your individual Lexus car or truck. You'll be in the know with information about all of your vehicle's controls, maintenance schedules, and other important specifications on how to operate your car or truck properly and how to keep it in premium running shape.

What are car and truck owner manuals and what information can be found there?

All new cars and trucks come with an owner's guide created by the manufacturer and they are commonly kept in the glove compartment for easy access when needed. One of the most important parts of defensive driving is understanding the control operation of an unfamiliar vehicle.

These indispensable manuals usually cover three important subject areas, which are listed here:

  • Location and overview of all controls in a handy diagram
  • Description and scheduling of all maintenance processes required, both by the owner and by a good mechanic. There is often a section where you can write your completed maintenance procedures in the book, offering a handy record of all work done right in the vehicle.
  • An overview of specifications like oil and gas capacity and the item numbers of light bulbs used
  • A troubleshooting guide with details about how to solve common problems.
  • A list of numbers that you can call to reach roadside assistance, the manufacturer, and more.

It also includes many safety precautions, to avoid liability, and details about other electronic systems within the vehicle like navigation and more.

Why is it good to have your owner's manual in print?
  • Cell coverage: Though the problem is getting smaller, there are cell coverage dead zones. If you break down in your Lexus in one of these areas, unless you have the manual downloaded onto a device that you happen to have with you, you may not have access to that electronic manual when you need it.
  • A record to go with the car: One of the biggest benefits to keeping a copy of the owner's manual in the car is that whoever drives the car can have access to it. While you may have access to a copy of the manual bookmarked on your smartphone, your teen on their first drive, a visiting relative from out of town, and the next owner of the vehicle may not have this option. Knowing that you have a copy of the manual in the car is peace of mind.
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