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Lexus Emblems

A Lexus emblem features a stylized Lexus "L" that enhances the appearance of a Lexus vehicle. Before you choose one for your car, it is helpful to know the types of materials and mounting methods available.

What options are available for the Lexus emblem?

You may already have the type of emblem you want in mind. Still, you should know the material and mounting options. You will come across aluminum, chrome, and steel emblems with a high shine. Plastic and vinyl decals are also available.

  • Lexus billet aluminum: These offer strength and durability. Usually, they mount to the front grille or the rear of the vehicle with adhesive or screws.
  • Lexus chrome badges: Chrome badges bear a striking resemblance to the original manufacturer's emblems. You can attach them to the front, sides, or rear with a sturdy bonding agent.
  • Lexus steel emblems: Made of automotive-grade steel, these items offer a long shelf life. Typically, this type of emblem features an ornamental design to attach to the hood. Hardware is required to support its weight.
  • Lexus plastic decals: The labels are made of automotive-grade plastic. Usually, they feature embossed lettering and adhere to the brake caliper, door handles, or mirrors.
  • Vinyl labels: Lexus stickers are die-cut from professional-grade vinyl. They are resistant to scratches and fading. You will discover a variety of styles, including the "L" logo, Lexus lettering, or both.
How do you install a Lexus emblem?

After selecting the location, prepare the area for positioning. The process may vary slightly depending on the material and placement on your Lexus, so check to see if the manufacturer’s instructions are available. Ordinarily, you will take the following steps:

  1. Before preparing the surface area, make sure the temperature is between 50 and 90 degrees for maximum grip. Use a heat gun on its lowest setting to loosen old Lexus labels and pry gently. Be extremely careful not to scratch the paint.
  2. After removing the piece, clean the area. Let it dry, and apply rubbing alcohol.
  3. Make a straight line below the area of choice with painter's tape.
  4. Apply a bonding agent, or peel the paper from the back.
  5. Place the piece above the marked location. If using a decal, be sure to smooth out any bubbles. Press the logo firmly on your Lexus, and hold it until it bonds.
What are Lexus OEM labels and emblems?

OEM labels and genuine OEM symbols are original equipment manufacturer products. Labels with an OEM identification have approval from Lexus to manufacture items with the company’s logo. You will also find emblems branded as genuine OEM. Items with this description are produced by the same manufacturer that produces them for Lexus.

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