Levi Strauss & Co. is an American company that produces Levi's denim products. Founded in 1853 when German immigrant Levi Strauss came to San Francisco, it began as a San Francisco outpost of Strauss's brother's East Coast dry goods shop. Levi's is known for the copper rivets used to hold the pieces of denim together, and the American company's jeans became widely used in the early 1900s by people who had to do heavy-duty work, such as cowboys, lumberjacks, and railroad builders.

What are the types of clothes made by Levi Strauss?
  • Jeans: The Levi Strauss company makes Levi's jeans for men, women, and children. The denim pants come in a range of colors and washes. The Levi Strauss jeans feature copper rivets around the pockets. They are available in a full range of sizes, including petite, regular, and extended length.
  • Coats and jackets: Coordinating jackets are available by Levi Strauss to match the American company's pants. They are made of blue or black denim and in different washes. The coats and jackets usually use copper buttons as closures.
  • Casual shirts: The Levi Strauss clothing company also makes casual shirts for men. The shirts include button-down shirts made of woven cotton and T-shirts made of cotton.
  • Men's accessories: The Levi Strauss company makes a range of men's wearable accessories, including sunglasses, belts and belt buckles, hats, backpacks, bags, briefcases, and wallets.
What are the fit styles of Levi's jeans?
  • Classic: The classic American style of Levi Strauss company pants has a straight leg, a 16 inch leg opening, and a medium-high rise. They feature a button fly. They are available in a shrink-to-fit option.
  • Curvy: This style of Levi Strauss bottoms is for women. It features spandex in the waist and seat. The leg styles for the curvy jeans include straight, boot cut, skinny, and legging.
  • Slim: This style of Strauss jeans hugs the waist, hips, thighs, and seat. The waistline sits below the natural waist. The style is available for men and women. The leg options include straight and skinny.
  • Relaxed: These Levi Strauss company jeans are available in men's, women's, and kid's sizes. The leg opening is 18 inches in the men's sizes and 16 inches in the women's sizes. Their seat and thigh are relaxed. Legs may be straight or tapered.
How do you choose a size of men's Levi's pants?

Men's Levi's pants have two measurements. One is for the waist and one is for the inseam. To measure yourself for the waist size, use a flexible tape measure. Wrap it around your waist. To measure your inseam length for Strauss pants, measure from the top of the inner thigh to the top of your foot. The Levi Strauss pants for men are sized in measurements such as 28x30. The 28 refers to waist size, and the 30 refers to inseam length.

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