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What You Should Know About Lenovo Laptop Backpacks

If you need to take a laptop with you to school or work, a backpack specifically designed to help you safely transport your laptop can help, especially when you're juggling other things like a purse, briefcase, or books. Backpacks and other similar bags for laptops generally have additional padding to protect your Lenovo ThinkPad or computer against bumps and accidental drops just in case you drop your bag as you're running down the stairs to class.

What types of laptop bags are there?

There are generally two main versions of laptop backpacks, which are traditional backpacks and messenger bags. While they both help to carry Lenovo laptops, they carry the actual weight in different ways:

  • Messenger bags: These bags are a specific style of backpack. These bags have a single strap that attaches to either side of the bag. It can then be worn over the shoulder so that the bag sits at the side of the hip, giving you easy access to your laptop if you need to pull it out quickly for any reason. The weight of the bag is focused on the shoulder.
  • Backpacks: This type of back has two shoulder straps so that it sits across the back. The straps are usually padded to improve the wearer's comfort. The weight of the Lenovo IdeaPad or Lenovo ThinkPad is usually across both shoulders, helping to make it easier to carry the laptop and other items over long distances and for longer periods of time.

How do you choose the right size bag?

Choosing the right size bag for your laptop can be a bit difficult in that laptops are measured by the diagonal screen size. However, the actual dimensions of the laptop may vary. While most laptop backpacks will include what size ThinkPad they are designed to hold securely, you may want to consider finding a backpack or bag that will hold your bag securely. If the laptop backpack is designed to hold a 15-inch computer, it may not hold smaller 11-inch or 13-inch computers securely. Laptops with larger screens, like 17-inch computers, may not fit in the bag at all.

What should you consider when looking for laptop backpacks?

When looking for a laptop backpack, there are several things you may want to consider depending on your needs. You may want to consider:

  • Compartments: Laptop backpacks can have a small number of compartments or a large number of compartments depending on the size of the bag. If you plan to use your backpack as the main way to carry your ThinkPad, you may want a backpack that has a special compartment just for your computer.
  • Materials: Backpacks can be made from leather, canvas, neoprene, and nylon. Neoprene and nylon tend to be used for backpacks that are weatherproof. These materials may also be used in the padding.
  • Enclosures: Laptop backpacks may have zippers, buttons, or Velcro. Zippers may help protect your ThinkPad from the weather, while buttons or Velcro give you easy access.
  • Padding: Larger computers may be heavier to transport, so you may want to consider a laptop backpack that has an adequate amount of padding to protect your back.

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